01 July 2012


Another rainy day, and even thunder. Suits me just fine, as I have cast on for a sweater, and enjoy seeing the fabric grow slowly between my fingers. It is a brioche type stitch pattern. Simple and no fuzz at all. A little more attention is required than when working plain stockinette, but I don't mind. The stitches look so beautiful.

While in Denmark, I stayed at Anne's place. Anne appeared to be such a loving person, easy going and at the same time one of the most exciting and challenging woman I've met. We had a great time, as if we'd known each other for a long time, even though we'd only met in cyberspace until the day I arrived.

I learned quite a few things from Anne. First, she learned me how to make a simple lunch look and taste fantastic (to the left is the lunch she made exclusively for me after arriving from my first workshop).

Secondly, she learned me about window sills. Hers are a work of art, as anyone reading her blog would already know. I live in a house without a single window sill (except for the one my husband had made for me in the kitchen, which is full of herbs), but I figured a bench in front of my living room window would do. So now I have a simple black bench full of Anne's pelargoniums and a few candles to cheer us up while staying inside even though it's summer holiday.
Thirdly, I got inspired by a gorgeous grey cardigan she almost finished while I was there, and the result is slowly, but steadily emerging in my hands. Grey is definitely the new black, and I can't wait for it to be finished. Still, I enjoy the low pace, knowing that the hundreds of thousands of stitched means countless hours of knitting. Can't help but loving it.