23 June 2012


I'm back home after some wonderful days at the Grib Garnet festival in Silkeborg, Denmark. My workshops went really well, as I had the most charming women participating.

As already mentioned, my workshops' subject was knitting mathematics (Strikkematematikk), and the main issue was how to re-calculate the numbers to make the pattern work for other sizes than those listed. The workshop also covered the mathematics necessary to re-calculate for another gauge. Sometimes you'd want to knit a specific pattern in a yarn different from that in the pattern, and some adjustments are needed. A little math, and you'll probably end up with a garment that actually fits.

My participants worked so hard trying to figure out how to get the numbers collaborate. I do think everybody finally got it, even those who've spent half a lifetime being afraid of mathematics in general and the mysterious x in particular. In the pictures, you can see the lovely ladies struggling to create different sizes for my Big sister's dress pattern, which I used as an example.

I enjoyed teaching this subject, as I was able to combine both mathematics, teaching and knitting, three of my interests. I work as a math teacher, but I usually don't get to talk about knitting that much..

I prepared a compendium for the workshop. The compendium will be translated into English, but is for the time being available in Norwegian only. It will be available for purchase in a few days. More about that later..


dqpage said...

Sunds good with such a compendium.
Useful to be abel to change Yarns, patterns and sizes

Erika said...

I wonder if I am able to decode it in norwegian or if I should be patient and wait for the english edition. Hmmm... tough choice. ;-)

Tora said...

Mona, being able to tweak the numbers makes knitting much more fun!

Erika, if you purchase the Norwegian compendium, you may download the English version for free once it's ready. But don't you think you'll understand Norwegian in writing? It's really quite similar to Danish..

Monstermønster said...

Venter i spenning! Og kjøper gjerne!

(Hva med å ta det til forlag, jeg synes det er få bøker på norsk om mønstertilpasninger, så markedet er der. )

Erika said...

I will try the norwegian compendium. You have convinced me. :-)