20 May 2012


There seem to be quite some interest for my Knitting Mathematics (Strikke-matematikk) workshop. To meet the need for increased mathematical skills amongst the Danish knitters, two of my workshops have been changed* so that there are now three workshops available in Knitting Mathematics. The workshops will cover most of the mathematics necessary for understanding, creating and altering knitting patterns.

Maybe there are too few sizes listed? The largest size is too small or the smallest too large, or you just need a size in between? Or maybe you want to alter the sleeves, the legs, something on a hat? Need some waist shaping? All is possible, as long as you master those tricky numbers.

Which mathematical knitting related problems are you struggling with?

*The workshops no longer available are those mentioned in my last post. Seems like the perfect little details will have to wait for another time.

10 May 2012

Grib Garnet knitting festival

It's May already, and it will soon be June, which includes exciting plans for me. I'll be attending the Grib Garnet knitting festival in Silkeborg, Denmark, and I'm looking forward to meeting fellow knitting enthusiasts!

I'll be teaching a few workshops, sharing a few of my favorite and most frequently used techniques: provisional cast on and grafting and tubular cast ons and bind offs. These techniques make the result look highly professional, which I like (it's all in the details..). And they're really not that difficult either.

If you're anywhere near Silkeborg in June, join the fun!