26 July 2011


Our capital is full of flowers. And the people are back in the streets.

Yet it is so silent. Getting off the bus in downtown Oslo today was as if walking into a church. People are talking, but quietly. They are doing normal things, like walking, shopping, eating, but silently. And not only outside Oslo Cathedral. Oslo is taken back by its tourists and inhabitants, but we are all grieving, we are all still numb. It is a peaceful quietness. A friendly one.

The flowers are everywhere. In the streets, in trees, on traffic lights. In the fountains, on the statues. Even the roadblocks surrounding the damaged buildings look friendly, covered with flowers.

"We will punish the guilty. The punishment will be more generosity, more tolerance, more democracy" - Fabian Stang, Mayor of Oslo.

I hope this kindness will last, and that we will find ways of putting all those beautiful words into action.

And to those of you able to read Norwegian, this article by Anders Giæver is more than worth reading.

23 July 2011

A black day

A heart of stone he must have had, he who bombed, shot and killed almost a hundred people, mostly young ones, in and just outside Oslo yesterday. We are all in shock, and today is the strangest day. I think of those who've lost their loved ones. It's heartbreaking. Yet I'm lucky enough to have all mine safe and secure, and kids who know that life must go on, and who remind us all the time by telling joyful news from their world, by smiling to us. It feels unreal.

And I think of what this will do to us and our free and open Norwegian society. I hope the reaction will be one of warmth, one of standing together and caring.

I meant to show you some pictures from our holiday, but it'll have to wait. In the meantime, be kind to those you love and hold them tight. I will.