25 April 2011

Easter holiday

Last day of the Easter holiday today. It's been so great! We've stayed at home, enjoying long, lazy, sunny days. Reading for hours in bikini on the terrace, watching the tulip leaves grow, eating pancakes in the woods, fresh baked bread for lunch, fish on the grill, working (is there a better word?) in the garden, running, the kids playing, great people visiting, white wine with boyfriend in the evenings, knitting. I can't think of a better way to spend a vacation. And it has actually been sunny every day. The warmest April ever. Love it!

10 April 2011


Every year, spring takes me by surprise. We have had the most wonderful cold winter, with tons of snow, amounts that will take for ever to melt, we've been out skiing every week-end, hoping it will never end. And then suddenly, as if out of nowhere, it's spring, and it feels just fine. The light comes back, the snow disappears as if by magic, and we can sit outside without getting cold. It surprises me every year, how fast this happens.

Yesterday, my children brought me the first spring flowers, we ate out on the terrace, with nothing more on than we would inside, white wine in the glasses, and even a butterfly came visiting. Today, I will sit outside knitting on my husband's cowl for next winter, maybe read a bit, enjoy it for sure. I love this time of year.

08 April 2011


The light is finally back for real, and I enjoy every bit of it. Photographing was almost impossible this winter, the lack of daylight and the bright white snow is a tricky combination. At least when it comes to taking photos of knitted items (which I find quite difficult even in the best light condition).

My husband lost his garf, and searched all over town before he told me, cute thing. I'm making him something new. And I don't mind, really. He likes my knitted gifts, so I like knitting for him. And working with men's wear is always a thrill. Seams like it'll be a cowl of some sort this time. Violet. I think it'll look good on him. At least better than the skiing cowl he's been wearing as a garf substitute the last few weeks.

The photo? Well, it's my dirt. Come spring, come dirty windows..

01 April 2011

Shamelessly happy

My Little sister's dress is in the Danish magazine Boligliv! It's in an article with inspirational sources for DIY projects, and Ravelry is listed as an important pattern source for knitters (we agree on that, don't we? What did we do before Ravelry, does anyone even remember?). Amongst the thousands of patterns out there, they chose my dress, how cool is that? It's so strange to see my little dress in a magazine, it's like "hey, I made that!".. Thank you, Line, for telling me about it.