06 January 2011


Soft snow dunes to dive into if one knew no better. Blue whiteness in the afternoon light. In my world, finally.

Had a lovely time skiing yesterday, and the woods are even prettier today. May it stay for a long time, this most welcome of winter guests.

I might even get inspired to knit something white. A rarity in my book. But who knows.

01 January 2011

Happy New Year!

The gingerbread castle has been smashed to pieces, Christmas decorations put away, and the house is once again its clean, tidy self. Tulips on the table, empty white walls and a spacious, three-free living room feels good. Yesterday evening was celebrated with good friends, and today is a day for relaxation. I'm knitting a woolen jacket for my daughter's new Barbie doll, and that's about what I've accomplished today.

I hope you too enjoyed yesterday evening, and wish you all a Happy New Year!