31 October 2010


The kids have made plaster face masks for Halloween, and it was so much fun! They had to lie still for a long time while we made masks,  and then a while longer for the plaster to dry. I remember the sensation of having the plaster gauge on the face as being kind of claustrophobic, but the kids did fine. Then they painted the masks, after carefully planning how they wanted the masks to look. I think they turned out great. Now we're ready for party!

27 October 2010


A pile of yarn in lovely colors now ready to be sent out in the big world along with their patterns. The wool winding part of the day is over, and there is knitting waiting patiently on the couch. And some all-done-only-waiting-for-the-yarn-ends-to-be-fastened projects. I have a few of those as well. I guess today is a good day for all this. I've got a cold, and it feels like there is something big and fluffy inside my head. Like wool. As much as I love wool, I prefer it being somewhere else. Like in my hands.

I'm working on a scarf in lovely deep blue softer than soft wool (always need a new scarf for winter, don't you?). It's worked in Alv's big sister, Huldra. It is as soft as anything. It reminds me of alpaca, only much lighter. I don't think I'd worked an adult sweater with it, though. But for a scarf, or a shawl, or hat or baby garments it's great. For a sweater, I'd choose my Ask yarn, but I know many people think it's too scratchy. I like the lightness, the way it captures so much air in between the woolen fibers. And it feels so strong, like it's going to last forever. I like the truly woolen feeling of it.

And speaking of soft - how soft do you like your wool? Do you have different preferences depending on type of project? And what about drape? Do you like your woolen garments to be heavy, like when worked in alpaca? Or light, like when worked in Shetland's wool?

07 October 2010


The mornings are getting colder, and we all need woolen accessories, at least in the morning. This set is for a little girl, my baby niece born i July. I've been wanting to create accessories with these hearts for a long time. To make the design work, they are constructed in a slightly different way than those of Sweetheart and Hearts though, but visually, they're just the same. My niece was born with a smaller head than her older brother, so the hat is still a little too big for her, but she'll grow into it. I made her the six months size, and she's still only two months old, after all.

The hat is worked from the top down, with earflaps for coverage and an attached I-cord for a beautiful finish. I liked working the I-cord edging and strings, and I think it's what made the hat a little more special. The scarf to go with it is a classic bow tie scarf. They don't actually have much of a neck, those tiny ones, so this little scarf is all they need to keep warm. In order to make the hearts look good, it's worked in two directions. It is not at all difficult, though, and no seaming is required, as a provisional cast on is used for joining the two parts. The mitts are also very simple, and without a thumb, since babies don't know how to keep their thumb in place anyway. These are also worked from the top-down.

Heartbreaker [@ravelry] specs:
Pattern: Heartbreaker (Hjerteknuser) by Tora Frøseth
Size: 6 months
Needles: 3.75 mm and 3.0 mm
Yarn: Hifa Superwash, 75 g of pink (910) and 25 g of brown (961)