31 July 2010

Wool at Valbjør gard

While at the cabin, we went to this lovely mountain farm. Valbjør gard is situated in the hills high above Vågåmo and the green Lake Vågå, amongst beautiful mountains. The oldest house on the farm date back to the Middle Ages, the others are from the 16th-18th century. There were even people living there as far back as the Viking Age. Today, the farm has sheep and goats, all managed ecologically. I got to talk to an elderly woman who sat outside doing handspinning. She was born on the farm, and had lived there most of her life. I enjoyed talking to her so much.

There was no doubt she had spun yarn before. The way she handled the hand carders, then easily spun the yarn onto the spinning wheel was so impressive (please forgive me if my terminology is inaccurate on this subject, this is a whole new world to me). I have admired handspun yarns seen on various blogs the past years, but never felt the urge to try it myself. I do have a spinning wheel, though. It was my grandmother's - the one with all the buttons - and it seems to be in pretty good shape. It's an Ashford traditional, and I only need to get hold of some bobbins to get started. And I will. I loved watching that old woman creating yarn, and I'd really like to try it myself.

29 July 2010

Mountain holiday

Another holiday post, from the mountain cabin in Heidal. We got back yesterday, after a week of recreation with good friends, no worries at all and beauty around us. Like last year, we went to the fairy tales festival. We defeated the trolls, listened to the enchanted violin music played by Nøkken, and finally rescued the princess. A lot of fun for small ones as well as big ones.And while the dads took care of the children one day, me and the other mom climbed Heidalsmuen, my favorite mountain. 1745 meters above sea level, and starting at 1000 meters, it was a great hike. I'm not sure what it is about this mountain that fascinates me this much, I just love the shape, I guess. I think it's so beautiful. It's been a while since I climbed mountains, and I'd forgotten how much I actually love it. Judging by the feeling in my legs right now, I should probably do it more often.
We visited two mountain farms as well, and both included wool, if only in different ways. More about that another day.

15 July 2010

Swords in rock

Another tourist site today, Hafrsfjord. This is the place where a great battle took place more than 1000 years ago. Harald Hårfagre won, Norway was united as one kingdom, and Harald got to be the first king of Norway. The monument, based on viking swords found different places in Norway, is meant to represent peace, unity and freedom. I think they are beautiful.

And in case you are wondering, I am knitting a lot, too. Just want to finish up completely before showing. The process from idea via knitted item to finished pattern takes quite a while, and it's just more fun to show it once it's all ready. Last summer was all about reading for me, so little knitting took place. This year, I seem to be able to do both, although still not at the same time. And I'm enjoying the mix between those two immensely.

11 July 2010


Still on holiday, we made a spectacular hiking trip to Preikestolen today, my husband and I. Preikestolen is a cliff 604 m above the Lysefjorden, with a plateau on top. Walking towards the edge of the cliff made my heart beat and my stomach yell. I managed to sit down at the edge just long enough to get a photo taken, though. Watching my husband out there photographing was almost as scary as sitting there.The trip to the cliff was a great one, but quite hard. Some wore sandals or even small city shoes. I don't know how they managed to the top. We enjoyed it a lot, though, and arrived warm and hungry. In my husband's backpack were bread, eggs and bacon, a Primus (It's a device for cooking outdoors. I don't know what it's called in English), and an espresso brewer. Did I tell you I love this guy? A great day! Resting tomorrow.

08 July 2010

The Ocean

We're on summer holiday at my in-laws in Western Norway, and today the sun was here (as opposed to yesterday when the rain seemed never ending), so off to the beach we went. The water was quite cold, and I don't think the air temperature was above 20°C either, but bathing in those waves is so much fun, so in we went! For a landlubber like myself, bathing in The Ocean - as opposed to in the Oslo fjord - is quite exotic. Huge waves, wind, surfers, blue sky and blue water as far as you can see, fine sand between the toes - and everywhere else. I love it.