30 June 2010

Home alone

We are home alone this week. My husband is at work in Russia, so the kids and I are left to ourselves. Even though the evenings tend to get a little less exciting without The Wonderful Husband, we do enjoy the first week of summer holiday.

Monday, we were at Oscarsborg, a coastal fortress not far from here. The place is loaded with history. This is where the German cruiser Blücher was sunk in the early days of World War II. Explaining war to the five year olds is not the easiest task. They ask all kinds of questions, the concept is so difficult to grasp. And I must say it is to me, too.

Yesterday we went to Oslo to see the Viking Ships. That was so much fun! Visiting historical places with the children is amazing. They listen to the stories with eyes wide open. And those huge ships, made over a thousand years ago, made quite an impression. The funeral rituals, where the whole ship, gold, food, slaves and everything they needed for their next life were buried with them - "But how could the slaves be buried, mom? Did they die as well?".

Today, we've been at home. Two days of playing tourists were enough - for now. We've been playing, knitting, listening to the rain and enjoying the quiet life at home. And my son made us pizza for dinner - from scratch. Now it's bed time for the five year olds. That's just fine with me.

12 June 2010


One year older. Feels just fine. Woke up to my family singing, presents and cake for breakfast. More good food during the day: shrimps, smoked eel, vitello tonnato, more cake, more presents and great company. Ready for the sofa and some knitting now. Today was a good day.

05 June 2010

120 swatches for the Truck

That's how many I'd have to make if I were to work swatches for all the color combinations of my Alv yarn. I was asked by a customer to advise her in choosing colors for the Truck vest. I loved being asked, but I did find this task a bit difficult, so I decided to make the swatches so she could see for herself. I thought 15 was enough, though. Here are additional photos of the blues, the greens, the reds and the purples (click for larger photos):

I do think there are some pretty ones amongst them. What's your favorite?

01 June 2010

New bench

And the world's best husband!