17 May 2010

Constitution Day

As a contrast to my last post, this is what the hedge in our garden looks like now. But it sure has been some chilly weeks. I still wear my woolen scarf most days!

Today was May 17th, Constitution Day. We enjoyed a rather cold day in the company of good friends. Now the happy, tired little ones have been put to bed, and it's time for the tired big ones to relax as well. With some knitting, of course.

These are my WIPs for the moment, although I have at least three more planned still inside my head. The white and red WIPs are baby stuff, two babies are expected in July, so I'm knitting for those smallest people. I like that, as you may know. And that blue one is a gorgeous blue. I'll make a blue sweater out of it, and I hope it will be done until autumn comes. There is definitely a bit left, though.

A lot of calculations and a tedious knitting-frogging-knitting process is taking place, and I don't expect it to end anytime soon. I guess this is just part of the fun in pattern making, but I long for some mindless, neverending knitting. And some sun.


the nest said...

That white one looks very interesting unfolded like that. Happy knitting!

Anonymous said...

Oh... new WIP's!

Can we expect new beautiful designs by Tora...?

Cheers from Toronto


Tora said...

I've actually frogged both the red and the blue. Changed my mind. Again. But there will be new things ready for autumn. Always working on something new..