29 May 2010


I have a very good colleague, one whose company I enjoy immensely. Besides from being a teacher, she is also an artist. She paints. Up until some weeks ago, I had no idea what her paintings looked like. Then we went to her art exhibition, my husband and I. A room full of her paintings, and hers only. We fell in love with one of them. And bought the painting. Now it's on our wall. It's our 10th wedding anniversary present (not until July, though, but we figured it was close enough). It's ours. And I love it. I like the colors, the shapes, and the fact that I don't quite get it. Just looking at it somehow makes me happy.

Bad luck

Materials in place, husband ready for making a new bench - and it starts raining..

23 May 2010


Today my bench collapsed (and yes I did sit on it when it happened). My hello day, drinking coffee in the morning sun bench. It was old, from my grandparents' house. But it was perfect. Not too wide, not at all fancy in any way, just a plain, old bench, exactly as it should be. And yesterday, I even got flagstones to avoid getting my feet wet in the grass while walking to my bench in the morning. Now it is gone, old beyond repair, according to my husband. I guess he'll have to make me a new one.

17 May 2010

Constitution Day

As a contrast to my last post, this is what the hedge in our garden looks like now. But it sure has been some chilly weeks. I still wear my woolen scarf most days!

Today was May 17th, Constitution Day. We enjoyed a rather cold day in the company of good friends. Now the happy, tired little ones have been put to bed, and it's time for the tired big ones to relax as well. With some knitting, of course.

These are my WIPs for the moment, although I have at least three more planned still inside my head. The white and red WIPs are baby stuff, two babies are expected in July, so I'm knitting for those smallest people. I like that, as you may know. And that blue one is a gorgeous blue. I'll make a blue sweater out of it, and I hope it will be done until autumn comes. There is definitely a bit left, though.

A lot of calculations and a tedious knitting-frogging-knitting process is taking place, and I don't expect it to end anytime soon. I guess this is just part of the fun in pattern making, but I long for some mindless, neverending knitting. And some sun.

04 May 2010

Welcome to Norway!

4th of May, and snow. A lot! 20 cm snow in my garden. Almost all gone by now, fortunately. I've been home all day with a sick, sleeping child, and it's been a good day for being indoors. It has been snow and wind and really cold, so woolen activities have been welcome. I have knit quite a bit, and finished my book (Anna Karenina by Tolstoy - read it if you haven't yet!). I'm at a really slow work in progress stage these days, not much knitting to show you. I have so many ideas, but it's kind of hard to make them work. I guess the spring might have something to do with it. Back to knitting now, and hoping for a sunny day tomorrow!