19 April 2010

Spring hat

Being outdoors all day yesterday, it was actually quite nice to get inside at last. Although it's definitely spring, it is still quite chilly, and when windy, it's not at all warm. So a hat is still needed, at least for the kids. Still having a lot of energy from the lovely day outside, I made this hat. It's the greatest hat pattern, from a book as old as myself. My mother used to make me hats like this when I was a child. And I have made them for my kids. Now a cute baby girl I know will get to use this one. Purple silk next to the skin, flannel in middle, and cotton on the outside. Three layers, to avoid the wind to get to those ears. I only hope it fits!

18 April 2010

Another spring Sunday

I love this time of the year. Every new day, I go out in my small garden, hoping for signs of life. Still need to look very closely to see them, but they're there.

Riding bikes with those I love, eating the first ice creams, sitting in the sun, reading, when back home. And my kids know how to treat me. As did Hanne some years ago. I love having those tiny, yellow horse foot flowers in my home. They make promises of a summer soon to come.

As for the knitting, I'm swatching. Have an idea for a cardigan for my husband, just need to find out how I want it. And I'm struggling with myself. The stitch pattern I seem to have fallen in love with take a bit more time and effort than I'd normally like for a big project like that. But they do look good, these stitches.

11 April 2010


Suddenly it's spring! The sun is shining, almost all the snow has melted. The garden is slowly waking up from its long sleep. We've been out all day working to make our place look good, chatting with neighbors and being kissed by the sun. Last year's roses have been cut, they're now ready for new growth. The terrace has been cleaned, and the garden furniture have been taken down from the attic. And most importantly, we've enjoyed our first outdoor meal for the season: Fish burgers with lots of spices. After a long day of being out in the sun, it tasted like heaven! Now, I'd like to camp in the sofa with my knitting for the evening. Hope your day was as great as ours!

05 April 2010

Easter holiday

On the last day of the Easter holiday, we've enjoyed life at home. We got back from the mountains yesterday, to a lot less snow than when we left. We have now realized that this season's skiing is behind us, and what a lovely winter it was! Today, we've made everything ready for spring to come. Skis and sledges are put away, and the cleaned bicycles and doll prams are put where they can be easily found. And for lunch, eggs of course. It's still Easter, and these egg warmers have been warming the eggs for the last time this year.

Back to work tomorrow. It's fine with me, as long as it's warm enough for bicycling.