25 February 2010

My man

I'm so happy for my tall, handsome husband, the man of my life. And now his sweater is finished, and he likes it. I had some serious doubts about it being to short at some very-close-to-the-end point (and I might have given up if I'd have to reknit this once more), but it turned out just as I imagined it. Always trust your calculations, woman (just be sure the measurements are correct before doing the math). The design is based on Elizabeth Zimmermann's seamless hybrid, with a front panel designed to emphasize the man's V-shape. Not too much, just that little bit of optical illusion to make the guy look great.

I'm kind of proud I actually finished it while it's still 15 degrees below zero out there, because this was a huge project. And finishing it in June wouldn't be half as fun. I'm still not quite used to the idea of myself enjoying knitting huge sweaters. But I do. Guess something has changed. A good thing, that things changes from time to time, I think. And this change, I'm certainly happy for.

My man's sweater [@ravelry] specs:
Pattern: My own
Size: L
Needles: 3.5 mm
Yarn: 520 g of Hifa Ask (2)

11 February 2010


I don't consider myself a sock knitter. I have knitted only one pair of (grown up) socks in my life, a pair of toe-up monkeys. I sort of liked it when I was knitting it. I often do like the things I do while doing them. But socks don't tempt me. I'd rather knit a handful of gloves. Maybe I just think gloves are a lot cooler than socks. But the Skew pattern makes me so curious I might actually knit a sock again one day. Wow!

09 February 2010

Hello, still here.

Knitting men's sweaters isn't exactly The Most Blog Friendly Activity. 94000 sts done (in addition to the 24000 I had to frog), only about 14000 sts left (according to my calculations, that is. No frogging included in those, but you never know). I also have a few accessories to show, but they will have to wait. There simply isn't enough daylight for decent photographs this time of year.

I still enjoy knitting the sweater, even if the 400+ rounds feel a bit rough. Except for a newly started cardigan for myself, I'm actually working monogamously on the sweater. The knitting has a great pace for And the cardigan was started only because the sweater is too big to carry with me. Only two years ago, I couldn't seem to find the courage (or whatever) to knit larger sweaters. Now, I find the most pleasure in the largest projects. I simply like their pace.