21 January 2010

Smaller husband wanted

Knitting men's wear is no joke, especially not when knitter (that means me) is not 110 % satisfied and wants to shrink front pattern panel width about 3 cm in each side, after already having worked about 20 cm on body. All those 24000 sts worked on train and while chatting with good friends last weekend.. History.

I'm glad I like knitting. Sad thing is, all I can think of these days is men's sweaters. I'd better start fantasizing about some size S guy right away.

12 January 2010

More booties

Still cold outside, for big ones and small ones, too. The second pair of baby booties is finished, ready for keeping those tiny feet warm. The purple was chosen by her mom, I chose the contrasting twisted thread. I like this contrast between cold and warm, the purple and the pale blue-grey. And this way it will look good with her dress as well.

Magda baby booties [@ravelry] specs:
Pattern: My own, not yet published
Size: 3 months
Needles: 2.5 mm
Yarn: 26 g of Hifa Alv

07 January 2010

Yellow baby blues

Little baby socks for the most wonderful little girl, a brand new human being. The socks fit like a glove (!), and the mother, my friend, the angel knitter, wants more of them. So I'm making the lovely little girl another pair, purple this time.

And yes, the dress is now hers as well, another Magda. Worked in my favorite baby yarn, light, softer than soft wool with beautiful colors. Reminds me of alpaca, only lighter. Or mohair, but not as fuzzy. I think the pattern worked well with these not so typical baby girl colors. The pale blue grey a nice contrast to the ultra feminine dress.

Magda baby booties [@ravelry] specs:
Pattern: My own, not yet published
Size: newborn
Needles: 2.5 mm
Yarn: A little more than nothing of Hifa Alv

02 January 2010


My daughter and I spent some time skiing in the winter woods today, along with the sunset. The white beauty is all around us these days, and I love it! We've had some really cold days now - too cold for skiing, but now today it was only 12 below zero, so we went out with hot chocolate in the rucksack and a smile on our face. I hope this cold winter stays for a while!

Happy new year to everybody!