31 December 2009

Angels and nisser*

Some pictures before putting it all back in their cardboard box in the attic. We loved to have you around, but I think it's time now. I dream about having a home without a tree in the living room, a home not so crowded by Christmas decorations.

The nisser* to the left were carved by my husband some years ago, those to the right are made by my kids (the tall ones) and by myself when I was a child (the two little ones). My friend (who became a mother yesterday!) knitted the angel family as a Christmas gift a few years ago, and is one of my most precious Christmas decorations.

*Is there an English word for the Norwegian nisser?

27 December 2009

Stones in my crochet

I have a very good friend. Her little family of two is soon to become a family of three. She's the kindest, warmest girl, and she'll be the sweetest mother. She's a creative woman, fond of pretty things. So I made her these for Christmas.

I discovered the crocheted stones only a few weeks ago, and I knew at once I had to make some. Some would say this is a crazy thing to make, and it sure did hurt making them (stones are heavier than the usual crochet cloth..), but I love the result, so it was all worth it. There is no pattern for these (as far as I know), but the inspiration comes from this woman. She creates the most wonderful things, crazy things. I discovered her crocheted stones via this creative woman. Check out these blogs, there is beauty to be found.

Edited to add: The pattern can be found in Crochet Today if anyone else wants to make crocheted stones. Thank you, Margaret, for the inspiration, the pattern and for letting us know where to find it!

26 December 2009

Time out

No need to dream anymore

White Christmas it is, and lots of it! It's been snowing continuously for days, and still does! In a minute, we'll be out skiing, hoping to avoid drowning. It'll probably take some time to get out of here, though. There is a lot of snow between us and the world out there..

We celebrated Christmas at our house for the first time this year, and although it was harder work preparing for Christmas dinner than we'd imagined, we truly enjoy these quiet days at home. Hope you're all having a great your Christmas holiday!

13 December 2009

Tiny Christmas sneak peaks

Mostly occupied with making Christmas gifts these days. Only small things (at least when worked once each), and they would have been a lot fun to blog about. But I don't want to blow the Christmas gifts by being impatient. I never actually plan to make presents, though, usually the ideas come to me in early or mid December, and I go through with the ones that tempt me. I have finished two, and I might end up with a few more, depending on what else happens the next week.

The first is a hat, and it's for a man, as you can see. I'm quite content, even though I had to knit it twice. My husband was kind enough to model, and he looks good in it, too. I might have to make another one for him. And I still do have one little hat too many, so I need to find a man with a smaller head to wear it.

The second sneak peak is for a very good friend, and I know she'll like the gift as much as I do. The craziest idea, found here in blogland. And the result is beautiful. I'll tell you all about it when that time comes. All I can say, is that it was kind of hard work - literally - and that I will do it again!

03 December 2009

Notes to self

1. When working with cables, the gauge tightens a lot.
2. Knitting a hat takes no time at all. Knitting two hats takes twice that time.

And I, who always swatch.

I actually did swatch this time, too.

Just forgot to measure the thing.

02 December 2009

Cold beauty

The snow has arrived, it's freezing cold. The sun is shining, all threes covered with frost.

Faced with this beauty, I'm like a child again. Watch out for snowballs!


I like this tradition! And the kids, too!