24 October 2009


I'm enjoying the weekend. After staying at home for one week taking care of sick children, we're finally all well. Today we've been working in the garden, planting tulips (I love tulips in spring!), baking cookies for good friends coming over tomorrow, and lucky me have been both knitting and sewing.

The kids have been needing new slippers for a long time, as the old ones have been too small for too long. During summer, it hasn't really been a problem, but now we're facing the cold season, they do need their slippers.

Made in leather, they're not actually what my sewing machine has been dreaming about, but I quite like working with this material. The leather simply does what it's told (I kind of like that..). And my kids love wearing these - both at home and in kindergarten. The princess slippers are my daughter's (obviously..), for kindergarten. The space ship/planet slippers are my son's, for wearing at home. The difference is that the home slippers have a sheep fur sole, since the floors in this house are rather cold, as the kindergarten slippers don't. They have warm floors over there. And the kids got to choose motifs, of course.

Pattern is from Ohelene (link only in Norwegian). Highly recommended if you have little friends with cold or slippery feet.


torirot said...

Det var jammen fine tøfler! Har kjøpt et par av Ohelene en gang, de sitter så bra på føttene.

(Nå har jeg kjøpt et kjempefint garn som jeg har lyst til å strikke halsen din av, men det haster ikke, har massevis av andre strikketøy :-))

Tora said...

Takk! Du bør prøve å sy etter mønsteret hennes og, det er ikke vanskelig.

Halsen er rett rundt hjørnet :-) Veldig hyggelig å høre at du sitter klar ;-)

Anonymous said...

You are so talented Tora!

I loved the girl's hair and the zig zag stitch of the rocket's smoke; very clever details!

Cheers from cold Toronto

Gigi said...

Oh those are the cutest things! Wish I could read Norwegian -- maybe Google translator ;-)?

fleur said...

They're great!