18 October 2009

All things green

Hanne has invited me to play the color game by finding 7 green things in my home. To be honest, I sometimes find these blog games kind of awkward, but colors are fun and a big part of the knitting game, so I'll play along on this one.

1. My favorite and very green second hand blouse. I couldn't believe my eyes when I first saw this one. I lovelovelove those sleeves!
2. My first knitting bag - I don't know how I survived without it.
3. Lovely green yarn waiting to become...maybe a pair of gloves?
4. My favorite teacup, ready to be filled with my favorite tea for the moment.
5. "La storia" by Elsa Morante. Little people in the middle of World War II in Rome. I read this book this summer, while in Italy. Fascinating, sad, and very well written. Read it!
6. My green notebook. I write all kinds of stuff in this one, but most of the time I draw.
7. My spider shawl, made years ago.

I'd like to invite Ann, Lucy and Mette to play with 7 yellow things!


lucy said...

i think colour is stimulating, especially for an artist/designer like you. I love your greens( i love green too) and am sure I can find a couple yellow things in my home to share.
keep warm, eh!

Tovepia said...

Artig;) Har nettopp hatt et blått og blitt utfordret på et brunt! Her går det unna;)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE greens and all your shades of green are beautiful!

Did you make the knitting bag?

Cheers from Toronto

Tora said...

I look forward to your yellows, Lucy!

I made the knitting bag. See this post. I have made a couple since the first one, see here, here, here and here.

Anonymous said...

Oh Tora, those bags are lovely!

I think I had seen them before in your blog, but now it REALLY caught my attention, because I've started to sew things.

I really like the fabrics you used!

Cheers from Toronto

Anonymous said...

Those knitting bags are gorgeous!

Are they the product of your own design?

Have a great crafty weekend!

thorvalda said...

Yellow and green is an odd, but also a very nice color combination. The spider-shawl looks lovely, do you have the pattern for it?