24 September 2009

Origami challenge

Working on Angle in public is a lot of fun, it looks awkward up until the very end. A big sloppy piece of fabric that won't even lay flat. The other day, a colleague tried to fold it in place, but even when I told her it was a baby cardigan, she was struggling.

The knitting is almost finished on this one. Next is working the grafts and fastening all those loose ends. And then finishing up the edges. I like the colors. They're not for the average gray mouse.


Monstermønster said...

Kjempestilig bilde!

Tovepia said...

Ser spennende ut! Vi får vel se utviklingen;)

Tora said...

Takk, Merete!

Og Tovepia, jeg holder på å maske sammen skuldrene nå, og så skal det festes tråder til Sopranos. Resultatet vises selvsagt fram til slutt :-)

Anne Marie said...

Det blir spennende å se det endelige resultatet!