24 September 2009

Origami challenge

Working on Angle in public is a lot of fun, it looks awkward up until the very end. A big sloppy piece of fabric that won't even lay flat. The other day, a colleague tried to fold it in place, but even when I told her it was a baby cardigan, she was struggling.

The knitting is almost finished on this one. Next is working the grafts and fastening all those loose ends. And then finishing up the edges. I like the colors. They're not for the average gray mouse.

20 September 2009

Big sister's dress

Little sisters grow up faster than we can imagine, and a lot of you have asked for a dress for all the big sisters out there. As some of you've already found out, the pattern is now available in my store.

The sample dress was made for my niece. She's already grown out of both Sweetheart and Magda, so she needed a new woolen dress for the winter. The yarn is Hifa 2, a lovely woolen spun 2-ply yarn with great yardage. The fabric is warm and extremely lightweight. This is my favorite yarn right now. It is not the softest of the softest, but soft enough, and with lots of sproing to it (I know that's not even a word, still I think it describes this attribute perfectly)

Big sister's dress [@ravelry] specs:
Pattern: Big sister's dress (Kjole til storesøster) by Tora Frøseth
Size: 2 years
Needles: 3.5
Yarn: 140 g of Hifa 2

18 September 2009

Ready set winter!

Well, it's not winter yet, but soon it will be, at least here up north. Woolen accessories are a necessity for those tiny people, as for all of us. I made this blue and brown set for my nephew last winter. Living far north, he needed something warm.

Ready set winter is perfect as a welcoming gift for a newborn child - or as a quick project for keeping your own baby warm. Those yummy ridges have lots of air trapped inside, so it will keep the baby warm in addition to looking good.

The pattern is for sale in my shop. The kit comes with a yarn choice, Alv or Superwash, where both are very soft yarns with lovely colors. The difference is that one is superwash yarn, the other is not. Alv is also thinner than Superwash, so with Alv, two strands of yarn are held together. I like both.

Ready set winter [@ravelry] specs:
Pattern: Ready set winter (Klar ferdig vinter) by Tora Frøseth
Size: 12 months
Needles: 3.5 and 4.0 mm
Yarn: 45 g of Hifa Alv in brown and 35 g in blue (the yarn is held double. If Superwash is chosen, only one strand of yarn is used)

17 September 2009

Pattern updates

Today I've sent update files via Ravelry to those of you who purchased my Sweetheart or Lady Wannabe patterns before the update. If anyone's purchased the patterns and has not received an update e-mail with download link, please check the e-mail address given via Paypal at the time of purchase. If you still can't find it - not even in your spam filters - please e-mail me with name and date of purchase, and we'll figure it out. Both Norwegian and English pattern versions are included in the update, and I hope my Scandinavian customers appreciate it.

I have not send update files to the 8478 people who've downloaded the free Little sister's pattern, though (there is no easy way to do this with free patterns in Ravelry). If you want the updated version of this pattern, simply visit my store and download it. It is still - and will continue to be - available free of charge.

16 September 2009

A boy's life

I was quite happy with that row of dancing people at the bottom of my Life sweater. The transformation of traditional patterns into something a bit more fun was fun and I think the result was pretty. Great for a kid's sweater, in my opinion - and not only for girls.

The challenge was of course to create a boy's sweater with the same theme. The Life sweater is utterly feminine, with that A-line shape and the cute rib structure. I wanted the boy's sweater to be just as masculine, a distinct boy's sweater was the plan. Raglan sweaters fit boys just as well as girls, obviously, but wasn't quite the shape I wanted for creating this sweater. Elizabeth Zimmermann's hybrid seemed perfect, though, resulting in A boy's life.

I love the look of my little son in it - isn't he handsome? The pattern is available for purchase in the store.

A boy's life [@ravelry] specs:
Pattern: A boy's life (Et gutteliv) by Tora Frøseth
Size: 6 years
Needles: 4.0 and 4.5 mm
Yarn: 200 g of Hifa 2 and 92 g of Hifa Alv, the two yarns held double

15 September 2009

My pattern store

There has been little knitting content on this blog lately, now is the time to tell you why: Tora Frøseth Design pattern store is finally up and running, with new patterns and updated old ones. I have been busy working on all this, and have been able to keep a few projects secret, too. I will write posts about all the knitting news as I always do, but you will find that the new designs are already available in the store.

More news than the new patterns: All the patterns on the site has been translated into Norwegian, to please the Scandinavian knitters. And in addition to pdf files for immediate download, all the patterns are now available as kits with printed pattern and yarn. The yarn is lovely Norwegian yarn from Hillesvåg Ullvarefabrikk, a yarn brand I'm very fond of.

And to those who've bought the old patterns: I will send the updated versions as soon as I get the chance. So if you've already purchased a pattern, don't purchase a new one for updates or translation.

I hope to see you in the store!