02 July 2009


Last weekend my little sister got married, and we spent three days celebrating in 17th century buildings with lovely people and a clear blue sky. We had a great time, and you may say I'm old fashioned, but in spite of the ever increasing divorce rate, I do think it's really nice when two people want to get married.

Summer vacation has begun already, and we'll be spending it both home and away. And even when home, we'll be mostly outdoors, so e-mails will be answered less frequently than usual. If you have questions regarding one of my patterns, I will answer as quickly as possible (as always), but summer quick is simply a lot slower than my usual quick. If you have an urgent question, please consult other sources, such as forums or a skilled knitter near you.

I wish you all a wonderful summer holiday! And with autumn come new patterns, so stay tuned.