24 June 2009


Ramme gård - what to say..? It took my breath away. The British Shakespeare Company was brilliant, we enjoyed the play a lot. And those surroundings! An ecological farm serving all sorts of ecological goodies, a garden so beautiful it's hard to comprehend, at least here in little Norway. I'm amazed by the fact that one man has had the capability, the creativity, and that wonderful little touch of madness necessary to create such a place. Above is the King's portal, a copy of one made to honor the King Kristian VI visiting Bergen in 1633. It is a creation not to be placed anywhere. It was perfect here.
To the left, the wonderful, lovely, oriental style - or whatever - cafeteria, to the right, once again blue poppies..
This is the river running from the King's portal down to the swan lake (!) where Venus and Cupid reign. The first hovers above the lake, the latter stands among majestic pillars overlooking the scene.

And last, but not least, the forbidden garden - not for the faint of heart, or for the oversensitive ones. If you consider yourself one of the two, rest with me on the bench, and don't scroll any further.

23 June 2009


Blue, but not as in sad. On the contrary, actually. This beauty greets me from below every morning, as does the sun from above. Seems like summer's here to stay for a few days.

And tonight, we're off to another garden, a truly wonderful one. Shakespeare's A midsummer night's dream in an outdoor theatre at Ramme gård. I do look forward to enjoying the play, but even more, I dream about the garden in which it will be played. I wish I had a garden like that - and a few gardeners too. In the meantime, I'm happy for my blue poppy in my own tiny garden. It is really that blue..

16 June 2009

Happiness is..

Summer flowers on the table, a spontaneous gift from my kids, holiday not far away, bare feet in the grass, walking in my garden every morning, wondering which flowers will be blooming next.

As much as I like snow, wearing wool, sitting in my sofa, candles, knitting, a cup of tea, I am a summer girl, after all. And I like buttercups a lot.

12 June 2009


05 June 2009

About hats

My husband likes wearing hats when it's sunny. He's been wearing ordinary caps until recently, but honestly, those look quite dull on grown ups. So when we found ourselves outside this place in Corso Buenos Aires in Milano, I knew we had to have a look. A bit reluctant at first, my husband, but eventually, he did buy the six pence. I like the hat, I like it even better on my husband's head, and I love that stores like that exists - not to mention this store owner, who even had specific opinions on color choice for his customer!

And I do see the point in hats, but don't have one myself - well I do have a garden hat but it's not for showing. It looks like there are lots of hats on the cat walk this year, and I wonder if I should have one, too. But generally, I find including hats in my outfits difficult. I think I like this one, though. Maybe I'll give it a go. (Picture borrowed from Amazon.jp)


So much to do at work these days, Milano seems so far away already. I know it's not, but a crash landing into too-fast-to-hang-on everyday life has somehow put an ocean of time between us. I guess that's what happens when you go on a trip like that when it's not really holiday time. You come back to work, and you're the only one with a body still expecting the slow pace.

We had such a wonderful time there together, just the two of us. Five years since our last real holiday, it was about time we went again. I don't have the words to fully describe what it felt like, five days all on our own with nothing to be done. Food, wine, us, in Italy, which we both love. I have the pictures, though: