28 May 2009


I have enjoyed gnocchi for the first time in my life, and I have discovered I need to know how to make those. And I need to be good at it! The meal that made me come to this conclusion was a lunch at Alba d'oro near Corso Buenos Aires in Milano (map). Gnocchi with gorgonzola sauce. Tasted like heaven!

My first attempt was yesterday, and it resulted in something resembling most of all tasty pieces of mashed potatoes. Gnocchi actually are for the most part just that, mashed potatoes. But they are definitely not supposed to taste like it. Today I gave it another go, with success! Lovely little chevy pieces of deliciously tasting gnocchi. I do have a little something left to do regarding shaping, but for my second attempt only, I'm happy!

More on the trip to Milano later..

18 May 2009


Yesterday was May Seventeenth, the Norwegian Constitution day. Last year it rained, and there is nothing as sad as rain on this day. This year was different. A sunny day perfect for celebrating. There were (lots of) ice cream, hot dogs, parades, flags, and festivities all day long. And the traditional norwegian costume, bunad. Mine is the follobunad, and is from just south of Oslo, where I've always lived. In addition to what you see below, there is a black brocade cape and an apron similar to the shirt, and shoes, of course. My mother made it for me about seventeen years ago, and I'm really fond of this garment. But as much as I love it, it was a relief to take it off yesterday evening. Except for the shirt, it's all wool, and it is both warm and a really heavy garment to wear.

17 May 2009

My new skirt

My skirt survived! I'm so happy I'll get to wear this thing!

I didn't follow a pattern. I'm actually not so fond of sewing from patterns, even though my sewing success rate would probably raise if I did. This time I did get it right, though. I made some drawings, did the calculations, and voila! I really like the narrow pleats in front and back. It makes the skirt a cute one. The best part is the patterned fabric at the hem, though. I bought it as a fat quarter a few years ago, and instantly fell in love with it. But what to do with a fat quarter..? Hem a favorite skirt, of course! I guess I'll have to make more like it for summer.

16 May 2009

Skirt in trouble

I've spent the day sewing. A new skirt for myself, if I'm lucky. I'm really, really pleased with how it came out, and I'm already looking forward to wear it in Milano.

The only thing is, I forgot to prewash the fabric..

It's such a newbie mistake, I really thought I'd been there, done that. I have no idea how the fabric will behave when washed. It's in the washing machine right now. Silly maybe. Some would say I should at least wear it once before shrinking disaster becoming a fact. I don't. The skirt is a candidate to the top ten favorites, and I couldn't stand falling in love with it, then loose it. We'll see in an hour or so. Fingers crossed.

13 May 2009


It's been a whole month since I last said hello. Life is going so fast, I can hardly believe it's almost summer already. I'm knitting and crafting like before, though. I finished my yellow cardigan a while ago. I also finished the boy's sweater from the last post (and yes, I will share the rest of it with you, and that yellow cabled thing, too). I also finished a little project which has already become a favorite. More of that later.
Yesterday I made this bracelet. I have a lot of white buttons from my grandma, and found out this was a good way of showing them off. They're really not much worth while in the drawer. It's a present. I don't suspect the recipient reads the blog, but you never know, so I won't reveal who she is yet.

This week is a festive one. Constitution day is on Sunday, and we'll eat tons of ice cream. And soon we're off to Milano. Me and my husband, no kids! I do look forward to it.

Time goes fast these days. It's ok with me, really.