13 April 2009

Sneak peak

Girly as it is, A-lined and all, I thought the theme from the Life sweater would look equally good for a boy's sweater, so I made one. The design is completely different, as I chose a definite masculine design to go with the dancing people. The sweater is finished, my son is happy, I'm happy, and you will get a better look of it in a while. I just want to finish the pattern first. And for those who wonder – the pattern for Life will be available soon, too.

12 April 2009

Easter lunch

A few pictures from today's Easter lunch. Colored eggs and saffron tea. We even had saffron bread to get the right color.. Happy Easter to everyone! It's been a lovely one over here, I'm really sorry it's almost gone already. But I guess the contrast is what makes us enjoy the good times so much. Besides, it's spring! (It does seem like my self motivation process for getting back to an everyday life has already begun..)

Easter chicken

I've been silent for a while, blogwise that is. I'm fine, though, just haven't thought of blogging, really.

We've enjoyed a long Easter holiday at home, and it's been a relaxing, productive, cozy, enjoyable Easter. We've been redecorating the hall, making easter decorations, eating chocolate, watching tv, eating good food, riding our bikes, been at the beach, enjoying each other's company and the first signs of spring. My kids made yarn chicken. I think they're amazingly cute! And I've finished a new design. Sneak peak tomorrow.