23 February 2009

Back to normal

The contrast between this and our everyday life seems huge, but it feels ok. Getting back to work is fine and the kids are happy to see their friends in kindergarten. And I like being back home. I guess the contrasts are what we enjoy most about life. What would we do without them? (Besides, being grown up and staying with one's mom is pleasant for only so long, I guess.) Anyway, we had a relaxing holiday. Skiing, good food, wine, reading, knitting. I read two more books (guess by who..), and knitted half a sleeve - those seem to take forever. The best part? Long quiet mornings, with a cup of coffee and my book, in bed before breakfast. I slept in the smaller cabin all by myself, and my mom took care of the kids every morning (my husband came on thursday, but he doesn't make that much noise in the morning). Now I look forward to meet some of my favorite people this week. Life's not so bad. At all. (Below is my favorite mountain, I think it's beautiful.)

15 February 2009

Winter holiday

Tomorrow the kids and I are off on winter holiday. We'll go by train for almost five hours to my parent's mountain cabin, and I've packed some entertainment accessories to make the trip a good one. We have books, a children's weave, yarn, sketching books and these pencil cases I made this afternoon for their crayons. And a small knitting project for myself, of course.

I look forward to having some days completely off. There is no internet connection up there, so I won't respond to e-mails until I get back. Have a nice week!

On selfishness II

"You'llneverseethatwomanagain.(..)Becauseyouthoughtonlyofyourself." (A Wild Sheep Chase by Haruki Murakami)

Again the words of The Sheep Man. And again quite central lines in the book. Why did the girl have to leave? What does it have to do with being selfish? Hmm.. The recipient and I had a wonderful lunch discussing these exact words. She actually got goose bumps when we realized their implications.

These mitts are half a size larger than those from yesterday, hence the extra black border. It's been a while since I knitted with two colors, and I must admit I struggled quite a lot with the tension. I guess I've actually made six mitts already, if you count those attempts I had to frog. But I've got it now, so I guess I should do it some more while I'm at it. I was actually quite surprised to discover it even was a problem. It never was before..

Murakami mitts II [@ravelry] specs:
Pattern: Improvised
Size: Glove size 7.5
Needles: 2.5 and 3.0 mm
Yarn: About 50 g of PT Panda in main color, and about 25 g in contrast color

14 February 2009

On selfishness I

"Notaverynicethingatall.Youdon'tknowanything.Allyouthinkaboutis-yourself." A Wild Sheep Chase by Haruki Murakami)

The text on the mitts is in Norwegian, obviously. And all it has to do with my relationship with the recipient, is that we had lots of fun discussing the text. I really like this friend. Really. (Just so there are no misunderstandings..) I find this text quite important for understanding the concept in this book, although I haven't yet understood it all. I'm not sure I'm supposed to, really, and that is one of the things I like about it.

Murakami mitts I [@ravelry] specs:
Pattern: Improvised
Size: Glove size 7
Needles: 2.5 and 3.0 mm
Yarn: About 50 g of PT Panda in main color, and about 25 g in contrast color

13 February 2009

Murakami mitts

I've made mitts. This has been my secret project. There's been a while since I last made mitts, but now I have. And there's no single mitt syndrome here. I have made two whole pairs. I know the recipients will insist that I make a third pair - for myself - but that'll have to wait. Four is enough for now.

As you might already know, I've become fan of Haruki Murakami. And I'm not alone. A little while ago, we read "A Wild Sheep Chase" in my reading cycle (it's more like a club, really, we have rules and all..), and we loved it. Like in LOVED it! So I decided to make my dearest reading friends Murakami mitts. Or actually Wild Sheep Chase mitts, which include The Sheep, The Star and the words of The Sheep Man himself. And bubbles, because reading Murakami is a lot like enjoying a glass of sparkling wine (if you haven't read Murakami yet, do so now before it's too late!).

The Sheep Man is what you would call a strange character, and so are the quotations. I expect some of you will find them rather impropriate for best friend's mitts. To me, they are just some of the very central lines in the book, over which we had great conversations in the club. More details to follow..

11 February 2009

In the meantime

This is the third time since Christmas the kids are home from kindergarten one whole week, and we're starting to get kind of tired of it. I mean, how many weeks have there really been? This time, we're all sick, all four. Boring is what it is! The sun is shining, the snow glittering, but no. We're so stuck inside.

While waiting for better days, an award is warming my heart. Hanne has given me "The Marie Antoinette A Real Person, A Real Award", along with a worried comment - have I quit knitting? I can assure you I won't quit, it's too much of what's me in it. And she's got that, really, as she gives me the award for unventing my own things. Thank you Hanne, I appreciate it!

I will pass the award on to 7 people, all of which have blogs worth reading and crafting skills worth envying: Lucy, Malka, Kristina, Kirsten, Lene, Alexandra and Åse. Go read their blogs, they're well worth a visit! The rules are the same as always, so I guess you know what to do.

I've finally finished those nerdy secret projects, but can't show them to you yet (I don't suspect my non-knitting friends read my blog, but you never know). All I can say, is that I'm happy for how they turned out. And that there will be no pattern from this knitting project, because - seriously - I don't think anyone would want to make them. You'll know what I mean when you see them..

09 February 2009

A long time ago

Sometimes knitted gifts last for a really long time, sometimes for so long that they need to be fixed after a while. Like this one. I made the hat for a really good friend with whom I worked with several years ago. The relationship has grown substantially since I made her the hat, and she's now one of my best friends (so I guess the hat was a good investment..). Anyway, the ribbed hem had become too loose, so I've reknit it.

There is no pattern for the hat, as I improvised it as I went. I do recall I had a system for the cables at the time of the knitting, but I can't remember how I did it (I think the hat must be about six years old).

Anita's hat [@ravelry] specs:
Pattern: Improvised about 6 years ago
Needles: 3.0 and 3.5 mm
Yarn: Falk by Dalegarn

08 February 2009


This winter's crazy, hence another snow post, even though I'd actually decided enough was enough. Well, apparently it's not. I went out this morning to feel the snow, properly dressed and with a giggle on my face. This is hilarious! There is so much snow we don't know where to put it after moving it away. I went straight out to it, with my thighs all covered. Not easy to walk, but perfect for skiing! And my bench? I do know it's there, I spotted it yesterday. Don't recommend sitting on it, though..

07 February 2009

Do I still knit?

A timely question, by judging on my blog content lately. Thing is, I'm working on a few secrets, which will hopefully be finished later this week. They are holiday projects, really, even if I didn't manage to finish them before the holiday was over (way too soon). And they are really, really nerdy little things in a way that makes me smile from ear to ear. I hope and think  (and know) the recipients will, too. Apart from that, I'm finishing two sweaters at once. I have one in my living room, and one in front of the TV upstairs. Takes more time that way, I know that. But I'm soo close now! Sweater mojo is back!