19 January 2009

24 hours

Well, this is what we woke up to this morning. The very same bench, 24 hours - 30 cm snow. All traffic is delayed, but wow! it's beautiful! I find it pretty cool it's even possible. And it's still snowing..

18 January 2009

Indoor activites

After a short walk in the woods with hot chocolate in the backpack and two cheerful children, the way today's weather developed, we craved for indoor activities. My husband and kids painted the walls in the guest room, and I made bread. Three different kinds of bread this weekend. Sourdough bread once again yesterday. My second attempt on yeast free bread, just for the fun and taste of it (by the way, last time I made sourdough bread, we painted out bedroom, how funny is that?). Today, I made our usual everyday bread for the kids' lunches and fine rye bread (on the picture) to go with the bacalao we had for dinner. Other than that, the kids have been playing in their room, and we've been reading novels, listening to music, having a good time at home. I've recently discovered the Japanese writer Haruki Murakami, and I'm in love. I'm on my third novel now, he's become a definite favorite. The day will probably end with some tv, knitting and a glass of wine. I really love days like this.

Sunday, snow

As you might already know, I like snow, and today's weather has been awesome! The ground is now covered with 20 cm of white goodness, almost all of which has fallen from the sky today. At times we saw nothing but snow when looking out the windows.

09 January 2009

The gifts - A princess

The choice for my daughter's costume wasn't as obvious as that for my son. But when I asked her in hypothetical terms what kind of costume she would liked, the answer was ready - a princess. I was a bit surprised, actually, she's not so into the all-pink-princess thing. Yet. But princess costume she wanted, so princess it was.

The cloak is the same as the pirate one, only in pink, obviously. The skirt is made in silk and tulle, with elastic waist, and the crown is in purple silk, with some batting in the middle and tulle on the outside. It was definitely not exclusively pleasurable to make, because the silk and the tulle decided not to stay in place at all while sewing it up. So I had to use a lot of pins to get it right. The result is pretty good, though, so I guess it was worth it. I think the cloak prevents the costume from being too cute in a play obstructive way. Although being pink, this cloak is just as fun to play with as the pirate's black one.

The picture is not the best, but it wasn't easy to take her picture showing all of the costume, without showing too much of her face. I guess you get the picture of the costume, anyway.

07 January 2009

The gifts - Pirate costume

Pirates are for three year olds what trucks are for two year olds, apparently. My son is no exception. He's been wanting a pirate costume for a long time, so I found out it would make a good Christmas present for him. The cloak is in velvet, with a silk neck band and a button closure, while the hat is in wool felt lined with purple silk, with an iron on diamond scull. I made the hat by trial and error, and ended up with something quite piraty and wearable enough for my kid. I had quite a lot of fun sewing it. And it's a success, by the sound and look of my happy little pirate.

04 January 2009

2008 - My crafty year

The obligatory new year's post, a summary of my crafty year. A little late, but better late than never. My knitting, crochet and sewing adventures:
Most of the knitted items are my own designs, hence not so many, although I feel like I've really been knitting a lot. I have, actually, I've just had to frog every project about twice before getting it right. An obvious advantage of knitting other people's stuff is that the idea has been tested.. But then again, I do have so much fun making my own things, even if I hate the frogging.

Two knitting projects are missing. I actually made two pair of yellow gloves, because a friend of mine also wanted some. But I never got to make their photo, and besides, they look just like mine. The second missing project will be presented in a while. I just want the pattern to be ready first. And then there's the two giant sweater/cardi projects which would both have been finished if it hadn't been for my sudden urge to make Christmas presents. I'm happy I did make those gifts, though, they turned out to be appreciated ones.

Two sewing projects are missing as well. I made pirate and princess costumes for my kids for Christmas, but I haven't gotten around to take the pictures yet. Another time..

My wishes for 2009 is to have lots of fun creating new knitted garments, and I hope you will, too. (And an obvious goal is of course to finish my sweater and my cardi..)

02 January 2009

The gifts - A hat

My mother in law isn't actually a hat kind of woman, still she wished for a home made woolen hat for Christmas. So the challenge was to make one she'd actually want to wear. My Japanese stitch dictionary and one of my favorite yarns in a color I knew she would look great in, resulted in this hat. It's a success. She does look good in it. The hat is sloughy enough not to completely mess up her hair, still not sloughy in the berety sense, which I don't think would suit her as much.

Curly hat [@ravelry] specs:
Pattern: My own
Size: Woman
Needles: 3.0 and 3.5 mm
Yarn: 50 g of Hifa Alv, held double

01 January 2009

The gifts - Aprons

Not much blogging in December for my part, but I did make a few Christmas presents. I had actually decided to skip the home made ones this year, but then the wish lists came. And when people who really appreciate my home made things have really great wishes that will be fun to make, I don't hesitate. At a time I was in doubt of whether to make it in time or not, but I did. So, here they are:

First in line are these two aprons, made by me and the kids. One for daddy, one for grandpa. My babies drew the tadpole drawings, I sew them on. I took a short cut and bought denim aprons, then put on new straps to make them fit the guys. I had a lot of fun appliqueing the drawings, and I really like how thew came out. But then I'm a mom. Tadpole drawings are the cutest, in my opinion.

Happy new year to everyone, I hope you had a great holiday!