23 November 2008


I had hoped for snow this weekend, but all we got was cold, sunny weather. Nothing to complain about, maybe, and I don't. I just long for snow. I long for that white, silent world. The light, the joy! The children can't wait, but I guess we'll have to. In the meantime, I have snowflakes hanging in my kitchen window. Lots of them! No chance of forgetting what's to come sitting in my kitchen. I'm in love, they're beautiful, and my 3.5 year old daughter made them for me. Me knitting, her putting those tiny plastic beads in place, together. She's the best. I think she'll be a happy knitter one day.

22 November 2008

WIP week - Gray Gloves

Five WIPs at once, that's a lot for a (quite) monogamous knitter as myself. I like having a couple of projects at the same time, but usually two or three is enough. I guess the two sweater projects are to blame. Knitting with those huge needles (4.5 mm) is heavy, so the small needle projects are regarded as resting projects in between.

The last WIP is a pair of gray Lady Wannabe gloves for me. One glove is done (except for all those yarn ends..), and I started the other one this morning. They knit up real fast, and those fingers are done almost before getting started.

21 November 2008


Monica gave me this award a few weeks ago, and her sweet words following the award is highly appreciated, thank you so much! I'm supposed to give the award to someone special, but this time I won't. I consider all the blogs on my blogroll as special, so I hereby give it to all of you. I love the fact that you all blog, that I can read hundreds of inspiring blogposts every week. Don't quit!

Tomorrow I'll present to you the last little WIP for now.

20 November 2008

WIP week - Yellow Cables

Another project for me is taking form. I am actually knitting two sweaters for myself at the same time (even though this is really a cardi, but you know what I mean..), and I, who haven´t made anything big in a looong time. I enjoy it, but at the same time, I struggle with the hugeness of these projects. It's just not so easy to carry them around, so I need the tiny ones for the carry around occasions.

I love this color, though, and I think I like the seed st - cable combo. And I like how it fits me, at least so far. So, as you can see, this is really a potential success project! I just hope I get to finish it before my affection for yellow has travelled somewhere else.

19 November 2008

WIP week - More Girly Stuff

More hearts today, one that you've also seen before. The yarn is the same as I use for Sweetheart, it's the coned one from this post. More about the lovely yarn some other day. I started this in the autumn holiday when we were up north, but then other projects took over, and it's been lying there since. Almost finished but without armhole edging. I still enjoy working those hearts. And I like looking at them. Cute, but not too cute among the more rough looking garter stitch. I somehow feel I'm not quite done with this stitch pattern. Maybe a girly hat? Scarf? Mitts?

18 November 2008

WIP week - Pink

My second WIP is a very girly pink one, a pattern you've all seen before, my own Sweetheart. The yarn is amazingly soft and lovely to work with, and I think I like how this turns out. The pattern is so cute one can just as well take it all the way to the pink side (although a dark blue one would probably be stunning as well!). And though I've stated before that I'm not so fond of pale pinks, I reject being a fundamentalist.

17 November 2008

WIP week - Huge Gray Project

Finishing projects seems to take a while this autumn, but since I am knitting and actually have several WIPs lying around, I've decided this week is WIP week at my place.

First in line is the sweater I started this summer, which I now actually could finish in a couple of days or so, but it's so huge and heavy, and just not my favorite project for the moment. I'm not even sure I will wear it that much when it's finished, and I guess that doesn't enhance the motivation for finishing it. I have some plans for reworking the original idea that might work, though. I hope for the best and will finish it eventually (I said WIP week, not UFO week!). More tomorrow!

01 November 2008


I´m on the front page of Ravelry´s pattern page this month (reload if you click the link and don´t find my pattern..). Jess picked my Lady Wannabes as one of November´s selected patterns, and kindly asked if I was okay with having my pattern on the page. If I´m okay with it??? Well, I am, and I think it´s super cool! No need to say I´m flattered..

I still love my own yellow gloves, and I wear them almost every day. I think I need another pair, though. Maybe in gray, like the ones this lady are making (Ravelry link only). I think they would look gorgeous in gray, and different enough from the yellow ones!