24 October 2008

Roses in October

I usually have lovely roses in my tiny garden. I cut the plants as I was my own worst enemy when the snow is well gone, and after the tulips have said farewell, the roses start growing. At late summer, I get to enjoy lovely pink and red roses.

Not so this year. I don’t know what happened. Was it me who cut the rose plants in the wrong way this year, or was it the cold August? Either way, there were no roses for me to enjoy (not that there ever was a late summer this year either, it’s actually been autumn since the beginning of august). Until now. Late October, frost at night, and there are roses in my garden as never before. I guess we’ll have to extend the barbeque season..

20 October 2008

To master or not to master

Mitt on dpns

It’s a lovely little mitt, and I’m happy with the design, if it weren’t for me being really bad at working with dpns. It never was a problem before, now it certainly is. One can easily tell where the changes in dpns have been, as the stitches are much looser there. It’s annoying. And yes, I know I have to work the st after the dpn change tightly. And I also know I can switch the dpn changing point so that it won’t be in line, hence less visible, but I don’t like that. I like my stitches to stay where they are. The first attempt on the Lady Wannabes was a disaster, due to the same problem. I solved it one by using two circulars instead. But this tiny mitt here – I’d just like to be able to choose. I’d like to master both techniques. Anyone has any good advice on this?

17 October 2008

Autumn on a Friday

Just checking in to say I’m still here, enjoying my Friday evening. Kids asleep, wine in the glass, candles. And knitting. Let the weekend come!

And I find myself actually liking autumn this year. Yes, I get more tired as the days get shorter. And yes, it’s freezing cold in the mornings and kind of rough to get out of bed when it’s still dark. But still, lighting candles, drinking port wine and knitting isnt’t that bad at all. And those crisp mornings, clear blue sky, frosty yellow leaves, wearing woollen stuff. I find myself liking it. And I, who always was a summer girl..

Autumn in Bodø

This photo is from a few weeks back when we visited family in Bodø. Very far north, colder than expected, and beautiful autumn colors!