28 September 2008

The sweater is finished

My daughter's kindergarten sweater is finished, and we're both quite happy with it. Inspired by traditional Norwegian patterns, I've included children amongst the dancing men and women, along with someone kissing and others yelling at each other.

We went photo shooting, but just missed the sun which was shining through the autumn leaves all morning. Taking sharp photos of a three year old playing in the woods is not an easy exercise! We had fun for about a 100 photos, until the girl declared enough was enough. Luckily some of them were good enough, so here it is!

It fits my beautiful daughter perfectly. I like that it's roomy without being boxy, and I think I got the armholes just wide enough to be comfy, still fit under a jacket.

Life [@ravelry] specs:
Pattern: Life (Liv og røre) by Tora Frøseth
Size: 4 years
Needles: 4.0 and 4.5 mm
Yarn: 180 g of Hifa 2 and 70 g of Hifa Alv, the two yarns held double

24 September 2008

Wednesday morning

I'm not off to work until after lunch. Until then, I plan to finish the first sleeve on my daughter's pink sweater and drink this cup of tea. Not the worst plan for a Wednesday morning, if you ask me.

23 September 2008

Autumn dinner

There's nothing like the autumn when the days are as crisp and clear as they have been this week. Yesterday, coming home from work and kindergarten, nobody wanted to go inside, so we had dinner in the woods. We climbed the hill just outside our house, and made hot dogs on a cosy little fire in the sun. A weekend touch added to the Monday afternoon, and everybody was happy.

14 September 2008

36 is a lot

I just realized why it felt like this last little crocheted cloth took me forever, while not so for the other two. This last one consists of 36 entities, while 16 for the other door window curtain and only 9 for the breadbasket cloth. And even though the sizes are about the same for all three, making 36 little flowers simply take more time than 9 larger ones.

Not to mention fastening those 72 little yarn ends..


This is what I have been working on the past few weeks. A tiny crocheted thing, which is going to be used as a curtain in the front door window of my mom's new mountain cabin. I made her one a few years ago, and it's been hanging in her house's front door window ever since. I'm actually quite proud to have finished this one, as my elbow problems began after having made about 8 out of 36 parts of it. I do like the result, though, it's so tender and beautiful. My breadbasket cloth, which I also made a few years ago, is a favorite, I love to serve my home made bread on it.

I do prefer knitting over crocheting, that's for sure. Now I will finish the two sweaters currently on my needles. As the temperature seems to be dropping quite quickly these days, I think I'll have to finish my daughter's sweater first, as I don't think the one I made last year fits her anymore.

13 September 2008

It's a jungle out there

Which means I've finished the crochet project. Finally! My elbows have been complaining all the way until the end, so I'm glad it's over. But this tiny little thing did turn out pretty. It's kind of similar to this, but for another purpose. I know it will be perfect for its final destination. More won't be revealed until tomorrow, when my mom's received it.

07 September 2008

Treasure hunting

Golden chanterelleYesterday evening was party time, this morning we went mushroom hunting, hence the polished nails. Most mushrooms choose to live under rotten wood and close to the soil, which means those nails didn't stay clean very long.

We found lots of delicious Golden chanterelles (kantarell in Norwegian), the sibling Funnel chanterelles (traktkantarell) and Hedgehog mushrooms (piggsopp). It felt like finding a treasure each time the edible ones appeared in front of us.

Fly AmanitaThe beautiful, but poisonous Fly Amanita (rød fluesopp) always fascinates me, it's such a classic beauty. We never bring it home, though. I guess its hallucinogenic properties don't really attract me that much after all. Imagine if it was edible, what a beutiful meal that would be!

A slice of home made bread with fried chanterelle, on the other hand, isn't the worst company imaginable for a Sunday afternoon. Or what about a mushroom soup? My all time favorite, though, is fried trout, cooked potatoes and fried funnel chanterelles with sour cream, which my dad used to make.

Funnel chanterelleGolden chanterelle on bread

06 September 2008


Just to say that my daughter isn't the only one who likes this color. I like pink too. Not any pink, though. I would never wear that classic pale baby pink, and wouldn't choose it for my daughter either. But give me some deep cerise, and I'll love it!

And did you even know that in the 1920s and 1930s, pink was considered a color exclusively for boys, as blue was the color appropriate for girls (according to wikipedia)?

04 September 2008

Sweater knitting

My elbow is better today, thanks to putting my crochet project on hold and devoting myself to my beloved knitting. I'm at a point now where finishing my sweater goes so slowly there is difficult to spot any changes at all. But I will finish, no doubt. And if the sky continues to splash water all over us all day long as it has today, and the temperatures stay as low as now, I will soon want to wear it too.

While neither crocheting nor working on my sweater, I have been fiddling with a new design. An idea for a pullover for my daughter is soon to be born. Today has been full of trial and error, knitting and frogging, just like it always is at this stage in the process. An intense process, but I think I have all the math now, and it’s almost ready for real knitting. And since my daughter's favorite colors are red, pink and purple, I've chosen a deep cerise, almost burgundy color for her. She's happy for the color, as expected, and also very content, as always, since I'm knitting for HER!

03 September 2008

It hurts!

I'm not knitting.

I have been working on a birthday present for some time now, which involves crocheting with hook number 0.75. And my elbow hurts. I don't really get it, it's not like I haven't done this before. Anyone ever heard of crochet elbow?

So maybe, this evening I will be knitting after all.. (Hurray!)