22 August 2008

Wylde Women

Merete gave me this award - actually it was a bunch of awards given to a bunch of bloggers, and I'm not sure which one she intended for me, but I chose this to pass on, because I liked the image and the feminist touch..! Thank you, Merete! I will pass it on to Anne (because the way she writes about her life makes me smile and cry), Anne (because I love her ramblings about her life, food and crafts), Hanne (because she's such a rocking creative woman), Ingvild (because she makes wonderful things), Julia (because she's so cute and makes me smile), Wanett (because I love her sense of humor), Irene (because her minimalist style is awesome), and Liselotte (because she's the bravest blogger). The rules for the Wylde Women Award are found here. Thank you all for blogging!

I am knitting, I'm a wylde woman trying to finish a sweater for myself. I'm still almost there. Haven't had to frog, it just takes some time to finish. It's a large and heavy project just not as easy (tempting) to pick up as my usual smaller projects. But I will finish, and I will finish soon!

10 August 2008

Bread on a rainy day

Another rainy day, but we don't really care. My husband has been painting our bedroom, the kids have been playing, I've done some sewing, and then, preparing lunch with - take a deep breath - our very first attempt on making a sourdough bread! Inspired by this very scientific approach (in Norwegian only, but with lots of illustrating pictures), we followed the directions found here (also only in Norwegian). We set up the starter a week ago, and did a little here and there untill yesterday, when it was finally time for putting it in the oven. No yeast used at all, and still it doubled its size, that's fascinating! It tastes great, and we'll do it again! I'll post a picture of the starter some day, it looks kind of gross.

09 August 2008

Back to school

Summer holiday was really great this year. Which means the weather was good (it's always like that in Norway, and I guess it's just because summer doesn't necessary mean warm, sunny weather). This year, we spent most of our holiday in western Norway, where it's almost always raining. Not so this summer. We enjoyed swimming in the North Sea, and the temperature was actually quite good, which it normally isn't. Anyway, not much knitting was done, reading and sun/sea bathing was so much more tempting.

This weekend, it's raining, and on Monday, holiday is definitely over. And then, I'll get back to my needles. I'm actually almost done with a sweater for myself, and I can't remember the last time I did that. So, I guess I have been knitting a bit after all.