28 June 2008

Summer holiday!

Summer holiday is finally here, hurray!

Since we'll be spending the holiday both here and there this summer, I'll be online only occasionally, so don't expect me to reply to e-mails as frequently as I normally do. I look forward to spending a lot of time with my children and husband (and my needles, of course, they usually follow me everywhere)!

Actually, I could spend the whole vacation right here, in my brand new hammock. I guess life isn't so bad after all..

Salamander crochet

My good friend and reading circle companion, Anita, turned 35 yesterday. A while ago we read Karel Čapek's War with the Newts, and even though Anita didn't like the book as much as the rest of us, she's got this special thing with salamanders. So I thought a crocheted bookmark version of the species would be a good thing.

Making it was fun. With pictures of the creature on the laptop in front of me, getting the right shape was quite easy. I don't crochet much, but I found it perfect for forming this animal in flat. Apparently, the salamander has five toes on its rear pair of feet, and four on its front, and so does this green one (and yes, I know they're brown/black in real life, but my supply of cotton yarn is somewhat limited..). I love those little extremities.

Salamander [@ravelry] specs:
Pattern: improvised!
Hook: It's a 7 something, but it's certainly a lot smaller than a 4.5 mm
Yarn: a little bit of Hifa perle

20 June 2008


Siena made lists of her crafty plans for the next year, and challenged me to do the same. I like the idea, even though it was quite hard to make the lists. I know I'd probably not follow them at all, since I'm more like developing the ideas that come to me at the time. Still, by creating the lists (especially the first one), I actually learned a bit about my crafting self. Here they are:

Things I want to learn:
1. Twined knitting
2. Crocheted steek
3. Intarsia
4. Bohus knitting
5. Tubular bind off

Things I want to create:
1. A sweater/cardi for myself
2. A sweater/cardi for my husband
3. A really cool boy’s garment
4. A scarf like this
5. Two colored mitts telling a story

Small items I might want to knit:
1. Short rows wavy hat
2. Another pair of brightly colored gloves for myself
3. Astrid
4. Alligator fingerless mitts
5. Mitered mitts with an afterthought thumb

And I guess I should pass this on, so I hereby challenge Birgitte, Ingvild, Ann, Merete and Hanne, all of them talented crafters with great blogs!

14 June 2008

World Wide Knit In Public Day

I had some plans for today, so I didn't join this event. But I sure did knit in public (although not in the restaurant..)!

12 June 2008

Me, 31!

06 June 2008

Magda 2

I don’t have FOs to post too often, so now that the second Magda is finished, I guess she deserves her own post. Although you’ve already seen her picture along with the published pattern in the post last Sunday, there are a few details about her worth sharing.

The second Magda is an autumn/winter version, made with New Zealand Lammeuld from the trade with Tina. I liked the color when I received the yarn, but now I love it! It is the most beautiful plum, which changes with the light between purple and almost brown.

The yarn is similar to both the DUO and Askeladen merinos in that they are soft, skinny and results in a lightweight, soft and thin fabric. In my opinion, this yarn is softer than the other two. As for the others, the fabric is also a bit dull to the eye when worked exclusively in stockinette stich. Not so with the stitch pattern for Magda. The combination of the two gave a totally loveable fabric!

As for the pattern, I made a few modifications compared with the first Magda. The puff sleeves are slightly different, and I continued the stitch pattern all the way under the arms instead of working stockinette stitch. The modifications are incorporated in the published pattern.

Edited to make clear that there exists only one version of the pattern. All mods were of course made prior to publishing!

Magda 2 [@ravelry] specs:
Pattern: Magda by Tora Frøseth
Needles: 2.5 and 3.0 mm
Yarn: 85 g of New Zealand Lammeuld