03 April 2008

Something in return

When Hanne offered to send me the extremely cute little vase, the agreement was for me to send her some yarn in return. By the time she got to send the vase, the gift had grown quite a lot, containing among other things the coolest bag which happens to be totally me. The gift made me so happy, I do think sending me all that stuff was such a nice thing to do. To show her my gratitude, I decided to make her some nice gifts as well.

With some of the - according to my husband - tons of fabric in my closet, I made her a knitting bag and some spring colored coasters. My own knitting bag is in use every day, and I really don't know how I managed without it for so many years. Hanne's bag is made with some floral retro cotton fabric, cotton/linen canvas at both ends, and lined with purple silk. I have had the fabrics stashed for a while, and as far as I remember, I bought them at fabric.com. The cotton/linen canvas was my number one fabric for meitai straps, and unfortunately I can't get hold of it anymore. It is a lovely strong, yet soft fabric.

I know the bag is in use already, and I hope the coasters will enjoy lots of lovely spring evenings carrying a glass of wine or some hot chocolate on those chilly ones.


Lucie said...

I like this yellow bag a lot as it is so practical and cheerful. Where can I find the pattern as I would like to make one for my knitting. Thanks

Tora said...

The pattern is unfortunately improvised, I just started with some fabric and a zipper, and got a knitting bag. But thanks a lot for the compliment!

Trifarina said...

I agree about the pattern! If you ever write up a pattern I'm sure there would customers! I would be very excited to buy one!

Hannah said...

I would love to have a pattern for this - it's lovely and practical and unique!