25 April 2008


The spring came at last. We have had quite a lot of sun for about a week now, and I have enjoyed every minute of it. We live right next to the woods, and last week-end we went for a walk. There were spring flowers everywhere! The Anemone hepatica is one of my favorites. The pale blue little flower is the second spring flower, only beaten by the Horse foot.

The purple flower is a rare one. I'm really not sure if this is an Anemone hepatica or nemorosa, but I do think it's the first of the two, due to these pictures of purple hepaticas (scroll down). Anyway, it's one of my favorite colors.

Spring brings altered knitting habits for some (most?) of us. I myself usually keep knitting during summer, and don't completely put away the woolly stuff, but I don't seem to despise working with cotton quite as much in summer. Crocheting may sometimes be the answer to the knitting-in-summer challenge, but this year I'll really knit cotton clothing for my kids. I have bought the yarn and all, and have cast on for a girly summer top for my daughter, in the lovely purple color of the unknown anemone.
Edited to add that according to Ann aka Pinneguri, the beautiful purple flower is indeed a hepatica. She also says that Anemone hepatica is the old name of this flower, which is now called Hepatica nobilis! Thank you, Ann!

12 April 2008

Automatic pattern download

I have enabled automatic download for those of you purchasing my patterns. From now on, you won't have to wait for me emailing you the document, as you will receive it immediately and automatically after completing the payment.

I have made the items in my Etsy shop inactive, as paying fees to Etsy makes little sense when I still have to do all the work myself. The automatic download service is taken care of by Ravelry, and I do think this will be a better solution for all of us. Please contact me if there are any problems!

The patterns are listed to the right. By clicking the pictures, you will get the information needed about the pattern, and a buy now button which will take you directly to Paypal. Also non Ravelers and non Paypal members will be able to purchase my pattern this way. As long as you have a credit card, that is..

If you're a Ravelry member, you can also purchase my patterns at

06 April 2008


My brother in law is becoming a father for the first time in May, and this little cardigan is for the little baby, which presumably will be a boy. Since I hope for a warm summer this year, I have made the cardigan to fit the baby next winter.

The design is mine. In addition to the aesthetic considerations, I wanted to create a cardigan to fit a baby for quite a long time. Therefore, I have focused on sideways elasticity. My almost 3 year old daughter was in fact able to put it on - of course looking quite funny due to much too short sleeves and body length. It is light and sproingy and pulls itself together nicely to fit even a small baby.

I love the orange detail in all the blue stripes. It takes away the baby blue look, and in my opinion makes it look quite cool. I have also added a simple contrast stripe at the back.

It was a fast and fun project, once again with the favorite Shetland's wool. I will publish the pattern in some days, I just have to go over it a few more times.

Angle [@ravelry]specs:
Pattern: My own
Needles: 3.5 and 3.0 mm
Yarn: 110 g of Shetland's wool from BC garn

03 April 2008

Something in return

When Hanne offered to send me the extremely cute little vase, the agreement was for me to send her some yarn in return. By the time she got to send the vase, the gift had grown quite a lot, containing among other things the coolest bag which happens to be totally me. The gift made me so happy, I do think sending me all that stuff was such a nice thing to do. To show her my gratitude, I decided to make her some nice gifts as well.

With some of the - according to my husband - tons of fabric in my closet, I made her a knitting bag and some spring colored coasters. My own knitting bag is in use every day, and I really don't know how I managed without it for so many years. Hanne's bag is made with some floral retro cotton fabric, cotton/linen canvas at both ends, and lined with purple silk. I have had the fabrics stashed for a while, and as far as I remember, I bought them at fabric.com. The cotton/linen canvas was my number one fabric for meitai straps, and unfortunately I can't get hold of it anymore. It is a lovely strong, yet soft fabric.

I know the bag is in use already, and I hope the coasters will enjoy lots of lovely spring evenings carrying a glass of wine or some hot chocolate on those chilly ones.