28 February 2008

Etsy update

You might think I'm a greedy girl these days, taking back what I once offered for free. But since my patterns seem to work out for the knitters out there, I will kind of respect the work behind pattern making and get some bucks in return for it. After all, there's not a lot of money we're talking about here, so I guess it won't ruin anyone wanting a copy.

Sweetheart is now available in my Etsy shop.

Edited 4/12/08 to add that the patterns are no longer available in my Etsy shop. You can now purchase my pattern and get immediate access to the pdf file by clicking the pattern images in my sidebar.

A long knit gone wrong

"What's the longest you've knit?" my husband asked me the other day. An awkward question, maybe, still kind of appropriate considered the fact that I worked 632 sts on it's most making the Hemlock ring blanket.

The better question still would be "What's the longest you've knit that didn't work out the way it should?" since apparently I worked the beast on too small needles. There is no way I'll be able to block it into shape, it's way too tight. Lesson learned; Gauge is of no importance when working lace. Work rather too loose than too tight.

And you know what - having endured the 87. round, I will not frog. I'd rather start over with fresh yarn.

27 February 2008

My Etsy shop

My Etsy shopI've decided that waiting for Ravelry is not an option, because they can't really tell when they will be ready for pattern selling. So I've opened an Etsy shop, and you're all welcome inside! The Hearts pattern is the first pattern available.

Edited 4/12/08 to add that the patterns are no longer available in my Etsy shop. You can now purchase my pattern and get immediate access to the pdf file by clicking the pattern images in my sidebar.

26 February 2008

Girls grow

Hearts by Tora FrøsethI am very thankful to those of you who've given such useful response on my patterns. Some of you have asked why I don't sell my patterns, and since I now know my patterns are readable, I will.

I have rewritten the Hearts pattern to include directions for sizes 4-6-8 years as well as the size 3 years previously published. I have removed the free version from the blog, and will charge a fee for it from now on. The pdf is ready, I'm just waiting for Ravelry to get their pattern selling feature up and running. In the meantime, feel free to contact me, and we'll work out something.

Edited 28.2.08 to add that Hearts is available in my Etsy shop.

21 February 2008


I'm in a reading circle with two good friends of mine, and I have come to appreciate both those women and our little club a lot. My newest knitting project is for my book loving friends, none of which are knitters. It's for freezing winter days curling up in the favorite chair with a book and a cup of hot chocolate, or for those chilly summer evenings when you don't want to go inside just yet.

This time it's not at all my own design. Jared was the first to do it, but the pattern was made 75 years ago. Circle is the key word. I'm now at 408 sts a round, and increasing rapidly. I haven't calculated the numbers I'll end up with, and I don't really intend to, afraid of loosing the guts to finish. But I will finish. This is going to be a pretty one (or rather two!).

Errata for Hearts

Tina has just finished her version of Hearts, and found an error while finishing. In the sleeve caps section at the very end, you'll need to knit 4 rows before binding off on WS, not three as it said before (then you will end up binding off on RS which in my opinion yields a less pretty edge). The pattern has been corrected.

Thank you for pointing this out for me, Tina! All the little details counts when it comes to a well written pattern.

16 February 2008

Pattern for Sweetheart

The pattern for Sweetheart is ready, and available in my Etsy shop.

The pattern provides directions for three baby sizes. This time I have knitted the largest size, 12 months. As before, I will be grateful for any comments regarding errors or unclear parts.

Edited 28.2.08 to provide the correct link to the pattern

15 February 2008


My niece's red dress is finished. I only need to buy some buttons, since my button stash once again didn't contain the buttons I wanted for this dress (I have to do something about that, one should have enough buttons stashed for little projects like this).

The Sweetheart is based on the Hearts pattern, reconstructed as a dress/vest in baby size, since I consider open fronted vests unpractical for babies. I ran out of yarn a bit earlier than expected, so it's a little shorter than I meant it to be. But I guess it's long enough, at least it won't be an obstacle in my niece discovering the world. The pattern will be posted later. In the meantime, more pictures here.

Sweetheart specs:
Pattern: My own
Yarn: Merino wool by Askeladen
Needles: 3mm

14 February 2008

Hearts updated

Making a beautiful purple Hearts vest, Hanne has spotted some unclear directions in the pattern (pattern section 3), which are now rephrased and hopefully a bit clearer. Thanks again, Hanne!

When little sister grows up

As time passes - and faster than anyone would think possible - litte sister will grow out of her cute little dress, so now I have updated the pattern with more sizes. It's no available in sizes 3, 6 and 12 months. I have not test knitted the larger sizes, but I hope and think my calculations will work. Feel free to contact me if you think otherwise!

12 February 2008

Red dress on the needles

Have any of you ever watched people knit? I mean really studied them (us)? When I knit, I look intensely concentrated, gazing at my needlework with stiff lips. With the hands clinging to the needles. Still I would claim this is one of my most relaxing activities.

I'm knitting baby clothes again, aiming a bit higher than the newborn size this time, knitting for my 6 months old niece. I'm not yet tired of working the cute little hearts, so I'm adapting it to some cute baby stuff. An open fronted vest seems a bit unpractical for a baby, so I'm thinking a dress similar to this one, but wider. If it's a success, the dress will be available in three baby sizes.

11 February 2008

Thank you!

Today, I would like to give you all the You make my day award, because that is what your comments and response on my designs do. And while I try to keep my feet on the ground, enjoy this. I'm amazed of what people can create with their needles. I found it over at Eve's place.

10 February 2008

Pattern for Hearts

This pattern has been available with directions for size 3 years for free, but I have now added directions for sizes 4-6-8, and have decided to make it available for purchase only. The pattern will be available from Ravelry as soon as they get their pattern selling feature up and running.

If you would like to buy it before that, please contact me.

Edited 28.2.08 to add that the pattern is available in my Etsy shop

09 February 2008


Hearts is finished, and I must admit I am totally happy with the result. I love the little hearts among the naive garter stitch pattern. I think the garter stitch saves the heart shapes from being only the cliché it often is.

The vest fits my little girl like nothing else, not only does it fit her shape, it is so her (if one may say something like that about a two and a half year old child). And I think I got the sleeve caps just right, including the edges. It has such pretty details, this little vest. As always, the girl is thrilled about me having made something especially for her, and I know she'll want to wear it a lot.

The yarn was once again a new experience for me. This time Duo by Designclub.dk, a fingering weight merino which was quite an experience to work with. I had to frog quite some rows (yes, the 380+ sts were way too much..), resulting in a yarn so thin I barely dared reusing it. Still the fabric shows no sign of this. And it is very soft, in a merino kind of way. Will definitely choose it again.

Hearts specs:
Pattern: Hearts by me
Yarn: Duo merino wool by Design.club.dk

Needles: 3mm

Truck! revisited

He looks so cool in this!

06 February 2008

My first errata

Anne is knitting the Little sister's dress, and has spotted an error. It is now fixed, and the pattern post is updated.

The error occurred right after the joining, where you're of course supposed to continue the pattern in the same way as before joining. While now knitting in the round, that means

Row 29: knit, while M1 one st before and after each marker as before
Row 30: knit
Row 31: knit, while M1 one st before and after each marker as before
Row 32-34: purl

instead of

Row 5 [RS]: work increase row
Row 6 [WS]: purl
Row 7 [RS]: work increase row
Row 8 [WS]: knit
Row 9 [RS]: purl
Row 10 [WS]: knit

Thank you, Anne, for alerting me about the error!

01 February 2008

Today's vote is for a boy!

After having made that girly indeed dress the other day, I felt I had to compensate by knitting some blue boy's stuff. They might of course both turn out to be boys, and then I would be in a hurry. Not anymore. Once again, the lovely "Baby i rib", this time in a heavenly shade of blue. Normally, blue is not my favorite, but this one is truly beautiful. I made it out of two strands of the ultra thin Alv by Hifa, and it got squishy and nice. I made the smallest size, and with this yarn I would guess it will fit an average 3-6 months old baby.

Baby in rib specs:
Pattern: "Baby i rib" by Else Schjellerup/Designclub.dk
Yarn: Hifa Alv kamgarn tynt, held double
Needles: 3mm