31 January 2008


An unexpected love for garter stitch has grown on me over the past few years. This was how all I made looked when I first learned to knit as a child, and being able to purl and work stockinette a few years later was such a revolution that the garter was abandoned for years.

Then, when I got pregnant, the naive looking garter stitch seemed like a good idea for the baby clothes to be knitted with such great love. Now the non curling, symmetrical fabric has a great appeal to me for all types of projects.

This particular garter stitch project came out of some swatching yesterday. Actually I was planning a red girly baby vest, playing with different stitches I had figured in my head, but when my daughter laid eyes on the two little hearts on my swatch, she declared that this was a project to be gifted to her. Flattered by her interest in my beloved knitting, I instantly agreed, and here we go, a short sleeved cardigan/open fronted vest for my little girl. It sure will be big enough. I'm now up at about 380 sts/row, and she's only two and a half.. I just hope my math turns out to be right.

29 January 2008

Little sister's dress Knitting Pattern PDF (size 3, 6, 12, 18 and 24 months)

Little sister’s dress is a cute little dress - or vest if you like. It is worked top-down, and is totally seamless.

The pattern is for personal, non-commercial use only. Any other use must be approved in writing by the author.

The pattern is available for free.

And please leave a comment with a link to your blog (if you have one) - I would really like to see a picture of the finished dress!

Click here for more information regarding the pattern, and for free download.

28 January 2008

Crossed needles

Both my pregnant friends have a son already, so I've crossed my needles for at least one girl this time. And out of the crossed needles came a little girly dress. It's made with the same yarn as the Truck, though with only one of them, the thicker one. If one may use the word thicker for a yarn that knits up with a gauge of 32 sts/10 cm..

Little sister's dress specs:
Pattern: My own
Yarn: Hifa Huldra kamgarn tykt

Needles: 3mm

27 January 2008

February babies

As I mentioned the other day, two of my friends are expecting babies in February. Since none of them know whether it's going to be a boy or a girl, I'm making some gender neutral baby clothes.

This one, in my opinion, is a must make. It has been made by many before. Anne's red one is my favorite, I love the color. And of course there is the fact that knitting something red in order to help the left wing win the election in Denmark is an incredibly cool thing to do (even though it didn't help much)!

Baby in rib specs:
Pattern: "Baby i rib" by Else Schjellerup/Designclub.dk
Yarn: Silk/wool by Askeladen
Needles: 3mm

26 January 2008

For the love of trucks

My two and a half year old son loves to wear shirts. He has figured out that while girls wear skirts or dresses when they dress up, boys wear shirts. And since his twin sister quite often insists on wearing dresses, he similarly insists on wearing shirts. So I figured out that while it's still pretty cold outside, a wool vest would keep him nice and warm wearing those thin shirts i kindergarten.

The design is my own. I really like this stitch pattern. It's simple, yet interesting, and it has the appropriate masculine look. I used Hifa yarn, which was new to me. I think it's a traditional Norwegian brand, but I have never seen it in any of the local yarn shops. It's a shame, though, because I really like this yarn. I made this with one strand of Hifa Huldra, and one strand of Hifa Alv (which is a really, really thin yarn, 40 sts on 10 cm!) held together. The result is a fabric soft enough for babies, and it seems to me to be strong as well. Time will show how it turns out after some wear and tear.

And in case you wondered, trucks are my son's favorites, along with diggers and lifting cranes..

Truck! specs:
Pattern: My own.

Yarn: Hifa Huldra kamgarn tykt and Hifa Alv kamgarn tynt held together.
Needles: 3mm

23 January 2008

Sweater mojo, anyone?

I don't know what's really up with me knitwise. I feel like I'm enjoying my projects a lot, enjoying the time spent working on them, like I'm not striving to finish anytime soon. Still, when looking at the 2007 projects, one thing strikes me - the projects are all small. Kids wear or accessories. Not even one adult sized sweater last year. And now I'm finding myself at that very place again. I've finished one vest for my son (pics are coming!) and now baby stuff is on the needles. Two babies are expected mid February, and one in May, so at least I have an excuse there.

Why is this really a problem? So what if I am a product knitter, despite my attempts to describe myself as process oriented? Of course, it is about the products, finishing is of course fun, nothing wrong with that. But I have made sweaters before, and I have enjoyed it, too. Why this hesitation to start the sweaters I have already bought the yarn for, decided to make, looking forward to, why hesitate? Have no answer. I want to finish the baby vest I'm working on now, then a few baby hats, and then, maybe, I'll be starting on my husband's Urban Aran Cardigan.

By the way, I received an award from Galadriel. Even though I doubt the fact that my little blog can make anyone's day, I'm of course happy to be recognized, so thank you! And since there seem to be rules for what to do when receiving such an award, I'm now supposed to hand it over to bloggers out there which if not totally make my day, at least I appreciate!

01 January 2008