07 December 2008

My pink sweetheart

The pink Sweetheart has been finished for quite a while, I just haven't got to posting about it until now. I actually like the color. It has enough blue in it for me to like it, even if it's a pale kind of pink. And I really think it goes quite well with this design.

Once again, I found buttons in my grandmother's stash. Lovely buttons in just the right size and color. I'm so happy to have inherited her button collection. Knowing that she put all those buttons in the drawer makes me smile. She even carefully pulled a thread through the buttons that belong together, so that finding the matching buttons is easy. I think of her every time I choose buttons for a project now. I like that.

The dress is in size 6 months, and will be hanging around here until a baby girl is born. I just wanted to make another dress, I'm still kind of in love with these hearts. I also really like this yarn. It's incredibly soft, and with a shine like alpaca, but not as heavy.

Sweetheart [@ravelry] specs:
Pattern: Sweetheart by Tora Frøseth
Size: 6 months
Needles: 3.0 and 3.5 mm
Yarn: 100 g of Hifa Alv, held double

05 December 2008

Lady in gray

I now have two pair of gloves, and I already want another one. I guess I'd like one color for every mood (but how many are there?). I like how these go with my new winter coat, but then again, the yellow ones go equally well with the purple, and I guess lots of other colors do as well (so what am I waiting for?). Would I love a vivid green pair? Or a pink/cerise one? Or would the everyday choosing only prolong the morning ritual, so that I had to get up earlier?

The buttons are from my grandmother's button collection. It was a hard decision, but I ended up with these gray ones. I found some lovely pale-teal-perfect-for-gloves ones, so I guess the next pair will have to match those.

Lady Wannabe [@ravelry] specs:
Pattern: Lady Wannabe by Tora Frøseth
Size: L
Needles: 2.5 and 3.0 mm
Yarn: 65 g of Hifa Superwash 4

03 December 2008


Last week, I asked for snow. This week, we've tried creating a Christmassy touch in the house. I took this photo of our advent star yesterday. This morning, we woke up to the view below. It's the same three, the same bench as in the first picture, covered in about 15 cm more snow. It's so beautiful out there, the threes all white, all noises muted by snow. We're all in ecstasy! Hang up the advent stars, bring all the angels, but nothing resembles Christmas like huge amounts of snow. And it's still snowing.

23 November 2008


I had hoped for snow this weekend, but all we got was cold, sunny weather. Nothing to complain about, maybe, and I don't. I just long for snow. I long for that white, silent world. The light, the joy! The children can't wait, but I guess we'll have to. In the meantime, I have snowflakes hanging in my kitchen window. Lots of them! No chance of forgetting what's to come sitting in my kitchen. I'm in love, they're beautiful, and my 3.5 year old daughter made them for me. Me knitting, her putting those tiny plastic beads in place, together. She's the best. I think she'll be a happy knitter one day.

22 November 2008

WIP week - Gray Gloves

Five WIPs at once, that's a lot for a (quite) monogamous knitter as myself. I like having a couple of projects at the same time, but usually two or three is enough. I guess the two sweater projects are to blame. Knitting with those huge needles (4.5 mm) is heavy, so the small needle projects are regarded as resting projects in between.

The last WIP is a pair of gray Lady Wannabe gloves for me. One glove is done (except for all those yarn ends..), and I started the other one this morning. They knit up real fast, and those fingers are done almost before getting started.

21 November 2008


Monica gave me this award a few weeks ago, and her sweet words following the award is highly appreciated, thank you so much! I'm supposed to give the award to someone special, but this time I won't. I consider all the blogs on my blogroll as special, so I hereby give it to all of you. I love the fact that you all blog, that I can read hundreds of inspiring blogposts every week. Don't quit!

Tomorrow I'll present to you the last little WIP for now.

20 November 2008

WIP week - Yellow Cables

Another project for me is taking form. I am actually knitting two sweaters for myself at the same time (even though this is really a cardi, but you know what I mean..), and I, who haven´t made anything big in a looong time. I enjoy it, but at the same time, I struggle with the hugeness of these projects. It's just not so easy to carry them around, so I need the tiny ones for the carry around occasions.

I love this color, though, and I think I like the seed st - cable combo. And I like how it fits me, at least so far. So, as you can see, this is really a potential success project! I just hope I get to finish it before my affection for yellow has travelled somewhere else.

19 November 2008

WIP week - More Girly Stuff

More hearts today, one that you've also seen before. The yarn is the same as I use for Sweetheart, it's the coned one from this post. More about the lovely yarn some other day. I started this in the autumn holiday when we were up north, but then other projects took over, and it's been lying there since. Almost finished but without armhole edging. I still enjoy working those hearts. And I like looking at them. Cute, but not too cute among the more rough looking garter stitch. I somehow feel I'm not quite done with this stitch pattern. Maybe a girly hat? Scarf? Mitts?

18 November 2008

WIP week - Pink

My second WIP is a very girly pink one, a pattern you've all seen before, my own Sweetheart. The yarn is amazingly soft and lovely to work with, and I think I like how this turns out. The pattern is so cute one can just as well take it all the way to the pink side (although a dark blue one would probably be stunning as well!). And though I've stated before that I'm not so fond of pale pinks, I reject being a fundamentalist.

17 November 2008

WIP week - Huge Gray Project

Finishing projects seems to take a while this autumn, but since I am knitting and actually have several WIPs lying around, I've decided this week is WIP week at my place.

First in line is the sweater I started this summer, which I now actually could finish in a couple of days or so, but it's so huge and heavy, and just not my favorite project for the moment. I'm not even sure I will wear it that much when it's finished, and I guess that doesn't enhance the motivation for finishing it. I have some plans for reworking the original idea that might work, though. I hope for the best and will finish it eventually (I said WIP week, not UFO week!). More tomorrow!

01 November 2008


I´m on the front page of Ravelry´s pattern page this month (reload if you click the link and don´t find my pattern..). Jess picked my Lady Wannabes as one of November´s selected patterns, and kindly asked if I was okay with having my pattern on the page. If I´m okay with it??? Well, I am, and I think it´s super cool! No need to say I´m flattered..

I still love my own yellow gloves, and I wear them almost every day. I think I need another pair, though. Maybe in gray, like the ones this lady are making (Ravelry link only). I think they would look gorgeous in gray, and different enough from the yellow ones!

24 October 2008

Roses in October

I usually have lovely roses in my tiny garden. I cut the plants as I was my own worst enemy when the snow is well gone, and after the tulips have said farewell, the roses start growing. At late summer, I get to enjoy lovely pink and red roses.

Not so this year. I don’t know what happened. Was it me who cut the rose plants in the wrong way this year, or was it the cold August? Either way, there were no roses for me to enjoy (not that there ever was a late summer this year either, it’s actually been autumn since the beginning of august). Until now. Late October, frost at night, and there are roses in my garden as never before. I guess we’ll have to extend the barbeque season..

20 October 2008

To master or not to master

Mitt on dpns

It’s a lovely little mitt, and I’m happy with the design, if it weren’t for me being really bad at working with dpns. It never was a problem before, now it certainly is. One can easily tell where the changes in dpns have been, as the stitches are much looser there. It’s annoying. And yes, I know I have to work the st after the dpn change tightly. And I also know I can switch the dpn changing point so that it won’t be in line, hence less visible, but I don’t like that. I like my stitches to stay where they are. The first attempt on the Lady Wannabes was a disaster, due to the same problem. I solved it one by using two circulars instead. But this tiny mitt here – I’d just like to be able to choose. I’d like to master both techniques. Anyone has any good advice on this?

17 October 2008

Autumn on a Friday

Just checking in to say I’m still here, enjoying my Friday evening. Kids asleep, wine in the glass, candles. And knitting. Let the weekend come!

And I find myself actually liking autumn this year. Yes, I get more tired as the days get shorter. And yes, it’s freezing cold in the mornings and kind of rough to get out of bed when it’s still dark. But still, lighting candles, drinking port wine and knitting isnt’t that bad at all. And those crisp mornings, clear blue sky, frosty yellow leaves, wearing woollen stuff. I find myself liking it. And I, who always was a summer girl..

Autumn in Bodø

This photo is from a few weeks back when we visited family in Bodø. Very far north, colder than expected, and beautiful autumn colors!

28 September 2008

The sweater is finished

My daughter's kindergarten sweater is finished, and we're both quite happy with it. Inspired by traditional Norwegian patterns, I've included children amongst the dancing men and women, along with someone kissing and others yelling at each other.

We went photo shooting, but just missed the sun which was shining through the autumn leaves all morning. Taking sharp photos of a three year old playing in the woods is not an easy exercise! We had fun for about a 100 photos, until the girl declared enough was enough. Luckily some of them were good enough, so here it is!

It fits my beautiful daughter perfectly. I like that it's roomy without being boxy, and I think I got the armholes just wide enough to be comfy, still fit under a jacket.

Life [@ravelry] specs:
Pattern: Life (Liv og røre) by Tora Frøseth
Size: 4 years
Needles: 4.0 and 4.5 mm
Yarn: 180 g of Hifa 2 and 70 g of Hifa Alv, the two yarns held double

24 September 2008

Wednesday morning

I'm not off to work until after lunch. Until then, I plan to finish the first sleeve on my daughter's pink sweater and drink this cup of tea. Not the worst plan for a Wednesday morning, if you ask me.

23 September 2008

Autumn dinner

There's nothing like the autumn when the days are as crisp and clear as they have been this week. Yesterday, coming home from work and kindergarten, nobody wanted to go inside, so we had dinner in the woods. We climbed the hill just outside our house, and made hot dogs on a cosy little fire in the sun. A weekend touch added to the Monday afternoon, and everybody was happy.

14 September 2008

36 is a lot

I just realized why it felt like this last little crocheted cloth took me forever, while not so for the other two. This last one consists of 36 entities, while 16 for the other door window curtain and only 9 for the breadbasket cloth. And even though the sizes are about the same for all three, making 36 little flowers simply take more time than 9 larger ones.

Not to mention fastening those 72 little yarn ends..


This is what I have been working on the past few weeks. A tiny crocheted thing, which is going to be used as a curtain in the front door window of my mom's new mountain cabin. I made her one a few years ago, and it's been hanging in her house's front door window ever since. I'm actually quite proud to have finished this one, as my elbow problems began after having made about 8 out of 36 parts of it. I do like the result, though, it's so tender and beautiful. My breadbasket cloth, which I also made a few years ago, is a favorite, I love to serve my home made bread on it.

I do prefer knitting over crocheting, that's for sure. Now I will finish the two sweaters currently on my needles. As the temperature seems to be dropping quite quickly these days, I think I'll have to finish my daughter's sweater first, as I don't think the one I made last year fits her anymore.

13 September 2008

It's a jungle out there

Which means I've finished the crochet project. Finally! My elbows have been complaining all the way until the end, so I'm glad it's over. But this tiny little thing did turn out pretty. It's kind of similar to this, but for another purpose. I know it will be perfect for its final destination. More won't be revealed until tomorrow, when my mom's received it.

07 September 2008

Treasure hunting

Golden chanterelleYesterday evening was party time, this morning we went mushroom hunting, hence the polished nails. Most mushrooms choose to live under rotten wood and close to the soil, which means those nails didn't stay clean very long.

We found lots of delicious Golden chanterelles (kantarell in Norwegian), the sibling Funnel chanterelles (traktkantarell) and Hedgehog mushrooms (piggsopp). It felt like finding a treasure each time the edible ones appeared in front of us.

Fly AmanitaThe beautiful, but poisonous Fly Amanita (rød fluesopp) always fascinates me, it's such a classic beauty. We never bring it home, though. I guess its hallucinogenic properties don't really attract me that much after all. Imagine if it was edible, what a beutiful meal that would be!

A slice of home made bread with fried chanterelle, on the other hand, isn't the worst company imaginable for a Sunday afternoon. Or what about a mushroom soup? My all time favorite, though, is fried trout, cooked potatoes and fried funnel chanterelles with sour cream, which my dad used to make.

Funnel chanterelleGolden chanterelle on bread

06 September 2008


Just to say that my daughter isn't the only one who likes this color. I like pink too. Not any pink, though. I would never wear that classic pale baby pink, and wouldn't choose it for my daughter either. But give me some deep cerise, and I'll love it!

And did you even know that in the 1920s and 1930s, pink was considered a color exclusively for boys, as blue was the color appropriate for girls (according to wikipedia)?

04 September 2008

Sweater knitting

My elbow is better today, thanks to putting my crochet project on hold and devoting myself to my beloved knitting. I'm at a point now where finishing my sweater goes so slowly there is difficult to spot any changes at all. But I will finish, no doubt. And if the sky continues to splash water all over us all day long as it has today, and the temperatures stay as low as now, I will soon want to wear it too.

While neither crocheting nor working on my sweater, I have been fiddling with a new design. An idea for a pullover for my daughter is soon to be born. Today has been full of trial and error, knitting and frogging, just like it always is at this stage in the process. An intense process, but I think I have all the math now, and it’s almost ready for real knitting. And since my daughter's favorite colors are red, pink and purple, I've chosen a deep cerise, almost burgundy color for her. She's happy for the color, as expected, and also very content, as always, since I'm knitting for HER!

03 September 2008

It hurts!

I'm not knitting.

I have been working on a birthday present for some time now, which involves crocheting with hook number 0.75. And my elbow hurts. I don't really get it, it's not like I haven't done this before. Anyone ever heard of crochet elbow?

So maybe, this evening I will be knitting after all.. (Hurray!)

22 August 2008

Wylde Women

Merete gave me this award - actually it was a bunch of awards given to a bunch of bloggers, and I'm not sure which one she intended for me, but I chose this to pass on, because I liked the image and the feminist touch..! Thank you, Merete! I will pass it on to Anne (because the way she writes about her life makes me smile and cry), Anne (because I love her ramblings about her life, food and crafts), Hanne (because she's such a rocking creative woman), Ingvild (because she makes wonderful things), Julia (because she's so cute and makes me smile), Wanett (because I love her sense of humor), Irene (because her minimalist style is awesome), and Liselotte (because she's the bravest blogger). The rules for the Wylde Women Award are found here. Thank you all for blogging!

I am knitting, I'm a wylde woman trying to finish a sweater for myself. I'm still almost there. Haven't had to frog, it just takes some time to finish. It's a large and heavy project just not as easy (tempting) to pick up as my usual smaller projects. But I will finish, and I will finish soon!

10 August 2008

Bread on a rainy day

Another rainy day, but we don't really care. My husband has been painting our bedroom, the kids have been playing, I've done some sewing, and then, preparing lunch with - take a deep breath - our very first attempt on making a sourdough bread! Inspired by this very scientific approach (in Norwegian only, but with lots of illustrating pictures), we followed the directions found here (also only in Norwegian). We set up the starter a week ago, and did a little here and there untill yesterday, when it was finally time for putting it in the oven. No yeast used at all, and still it doubled its size, that's fascinating! It tastes great, and we'll do it again! I'll post a picture of the starter some day, it looks kind of gross.

09 August 2008

Back to school

Summer holiday was really great this year. Which means the weather was good (it's always like that in Norway, and I guess it's just because summer doesn't necessary mean warm, sunny weather). This year, we spent most of our holiday in western Norway, where it's almost always raining. Not so this summer. We enjoyed swimming in the North Sea, and the temperature was actually quite good, which it normally isn't. Anyway, not much knitting was done, reading and sun/sea bathing was so much more tempting.

This weekend, it's raining, and on Monday, holiday is definitely over. And then, I'll get back to my needles. I'm actually almost done with a sweater for myself, and I can't remember the last time I did that. So, I guess I have been knitting a bit after all.

22 July 2008


My new companion. This year's birthday present to/from my husband/myself. A complete different experience than the compact camera we've had for the past three years. I'm really, really happy for it.

18 July 2008

Truck II

I do knit in summer. It just doesn't look like I have done much knitting lately. But I have.

This vest is not another Truck revisit, it's a brand new one. Smaller this time, and with a few improvements. And I have written down the pattern, so it will be available in a few months.

Truck II [@ravelry] specs:
Pattern: Truck! by Tora Frøseth
Size: 1 year
Needles: 3.5 and 3.0 mm
Yarn: 80 g of Hifa Alv held double

12 July 2008


Buttons!Half a year ago, I complained about having too few buttons in my stash. The problem is solved. I now have all of my grandmother's buttons in my stash, and there are quite a few beauties among them. Actually, from now on, I wouldn't be surprised if some of my design ideas emerged from those buttons..

05 July 2008

196 and back

After a little week in the mountains, I'm online again. Apart from all the e-mails, according to bloglines, there are 196 blog posts waiting to be enjoyed. I guess I'll have to give it a few days. Reading in a hurry isn't the way I like it. There is not so much inspiration coming from rushing through.

I have been struggling with writing down a pattern for Truck! the past weeks, and one thing I've learned, I certainly prefer working the other way. Creating a pattern out of something I made months ago is not at all easy.

Meanwhile, enjoy my result in the Flickr game. I found it here, and you'll find the rules there as well. I like looking at the result, the colors are great! Play along if you want to!

Me in pictures

1. Tora, 2. chocolate layer cake, 3. A bee on Skis?, 4. Toxic Teal, 5. Nobody said it was easy, 6. port, 7. green windows and flowers, 8. Chocolate fondant, 9. through all the wars i've come to know, 10. FLOW!!, 11. intense gorgeousity, 12. toraf

28 June 2008

Summer holiday!

Summer holiday is finally here, hurray!

Since we'll be spending the holiday both here and there this summer, I'll be online only occasionally, so don't expect me to reply to e-mails as frequently as I normally do. I look forward to spending a lot of time with my children and husband (and my needles, of course, they usually follow me everywhere)!

Actually, I could spend the whole vacation right here, in my brand new hammock. I guess life isn't so bad after all..

Salamander crochet

My good friend and reading circle companion, Anita, turned 35 yesterday. A while ago we read Karel Čapek's War with the Newts, and even though Anita didn't like the book as much as the rest of us, she's got this special thing with salamanders. So I thought a crocheted bookmark version of the species would be a good thing.

Making it was fun. With pictures of the creature on the laptop in front of me, getting the right shape was quite easy. I don't crochet much, but I found it perfect for forming this animal in flat. Apparently, the salamander has five toes on its rear pair of feet, and four on its front, and so does this green one (and yes, I know they're brown/black in real life, but my supply of cotton yarn is somewhat limited..). I love those little extremities.

Salamander [@ravelry] specs:
Pattern: improvised!
Hook: It's a 7 something, but it's certainly a lot smaller than a 4.5 mm
Yarn: a little bit of Hifa perle

20 June 2008


Siena made lists of her crafty plans for the next year, and challenged me to do the same. I like the idea, even though it was quite hard to make the lists. I know I'd probably not follow them at all, since I'm more like developing the ideas that come to me at the time. Still, by creating the lists (especially the first one), I actually learned a bit about my crafting self. Here they are:

Things I want to learn:
1. Twined knitting
2. Crocheted steek
3. Intarsia
4. Bohus knitting
5. Tubular bind off

Things I want to create:
1. A sweater/cardi for myself
2. A sweater/cardi for my husband
3. A really cool boy’s garment
4. A scarf like this
5. Two colored mitts telling a story

Small items I might want to knit:
1. Short rows wavy hat
2. Another pair of brightly colored gloves for myself
3. Astrid
4. Alligator fingerless mitts
5. Mitered mitts with an afterthought thumb

And I guess I should pass this on, so I hereby challenge Birgitte, Ingvild, Ann, Merete and Hanne, all of them talented crafters with great blogs!

14 June 2008

World Wide Knit In Public Day

I had some plans for today, so I didn't join this event. But I sure did knit in public (although not in the restaurant..)!

12 June 2008

Me, 31!

06 June 2008

Magda 2

I don’t have FOs to post too often, so now that the second Magda is finished, I guess she deserves her own post. Although you’ve already seen her picture along with the published pattern in the post last Sunday, there are a few details about her worth sharing.

The second Magda is an autumn/winter version, made with New Zealand Lammeuld from the trade with Tina. I liked the color when I received the yarn, but now I love it! It is the most beautiful plum, which changes with the light between purple and almost brown.

The yarn is similar to both the DUO and Askeladen merinos in that they are soft, skinny and results in a lightweight, soft and thin fabric. In my opinion, this yarn is softer than the other two. As for the others, the fabric is also a bit dull to the eye when worked exclusively in stockinette stich. Not so with the stitch pattern for Magda. The combination of the two gave a totally loveable fabric!

As for the pattern, I made a few modifications compared with the first Magda. The puff sleeves are slightly different, and I continued the stitch pattern all the way under the arms instead of working stockinette stitch. The modifications are incorporated in the published pattern.

Edited to make clear that there exists only one version of the pattern. All mods were of course made prior to publishing!

Magda 2 [@ravelry] specs:
Pattern: Magda by Tora Frøseth
Needles: 2.5 and 3.0 mm
Yarn: 85 g of New Zealand Lammeuld

29 May 2008

Yarn and needle sizes?

I have received quite a lot of questions regarding needle sizes for my patterns, and I thought I'd write a post to answer the question. As for now, my patterns aren't connected to any specific yarn. The suggested yarn weight is given, and of course gauge. So why aren't there needle sizes suggested, you ask me.

Because every yarn behaves different in itself, so it would depend on the yarn chosen. But most of all, because every knitter has her own personal knitting style. Some of us knit tightly, some quite loosely, and this has enormous effect on the actual gauge on your knitted piece of fabric.

So, what to do, then? Well, there is a simple (some would say boring) solution: Swatch! Whereas some think this a tedious exercise, I find it's a great way not only to avoid having to frog a whole lot of stitches after finding out the garment won't fit at all due to gauge difference between my piece and the pattern, but also a great way to see how the yarn fits the pattern in question. Not all yarns are suited for all types of patterns, and by knitting a small square of about 12x12 cm, you'll actually be able to tell whether you like the combination or not.

And - if your swatching energy hasn't run out quite yet - wash and block the swatch. The finished garment will most probably need some washing at some point, and it would be a shame if the garment stretched or shrank during washing, resulting in an out of shape, not wearable, not at all the same size as before washing garment, which took you hours to make. By washing (and drying) the swatch, you'll be able to foresee quite a lot about how your knitted garment will look we finished.

So, go find a yarn with the right gauge printed on the label. Grab the needles corresponding to the needle size suggested on the label (or one size up if if you're a tight knitter, the opposite if you're a loose one). Make sure to check if the pattern gauge is for Stockinette stitch or for any other stitch pattern. Then, CO about 30-40 sts, and make your swatch. Do it again with larger/smaller needles if your gauge is off. Wash and block the swatch(es) when hitting gauge, and see if the gauge is still right.

Then use whatever needle size YOU need for getting gauge with your particular yarn and your personal knitting style, and cast on for the project you've been wanting to make!