18 November 2007

Squishy purple mitts

Squishy mitts for my daughter are finished, ready to warm her cold little hands while sleeping outdoors in kindergarten. These mitts are so fast and fun to make, I guess this won't be the last pair. And the fit is excellent. They are fitted, and therefore easy to wear - who likes huge mittens? - still elastic enough to allow for lots of finger gymnastics if needed. The best about them, though, is that they are identical. So when 2 year olds want to "do it myself", there is no wrong mitten. The top is round, so there are no left and right.

Same pattern used as for the blue ones, only this time I added cables for an interesting structure, and I also made a twisted rib. The colors and structure remind me somehow of old ladies. During the knitting process, I had doubts about whether they would be super cool or very ugly. Now they're finished, I definitely like them. And so does my daughter, she's been wearing them all morning, in the living room..

Squishy purple mittens specs:
Pattern: My own
Yarn: Falk from Dalegarn and Inca alpakka from Rauma

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