16 November 2007

Squishy blue mittens

Since the temperature now seems to be stable at about -10 degrees of Celsius every morning, I figured out my kids' little hands would benefit from some soft, warm homemade mittens. These were hardly ever WIPs, I made most of them yesterday watching Forbrydelsen, and finished them this morning.

They're made of one tread of Falk from Dalegarn (which apparently not so good for children sweaters would be my first choice for mittens) and one tread of Inca alpakka from Rauma. The Falk yarn makes the mittens quite firm, which I like, and the alpaca adds softness, warmth, and squishiness (is that a word at all..?) which I love.

The fit is quite narrow when not stretched, but since there is some kind of ribbing in all of the mittens, they are very elastic.

Squishy blue mittens specs:
Pattern: My own
Yarn: Falk from Dalegarn and Inca alpakka from Rauma

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