15 November 2007


Birgitte started her WIP week a few days ago, and this is not my attempt to exceed her ambitions by introducing FO week! I really just happened to finish the kindergarten sweaters for both my kids at about the same time. More precisely, I redid the neckline of my son's sweater just after I'd finished my daughter's Blueberry. The orthogonal sweater has been almost-done for quite some time, but the neckline was a bit too tight for my son's taste, so I decided to redo it. Now it's the way it should be for a two year old not to be too frustrated every time the sweater is pulled over the big little head. It would have been a shame, after all, if my son was to develop a hate relationship with my knitted garments.

This project is also a result of my experimenting with making my own designs. I got the idea partly from EZ's Tomten, partly from a design Barbara Walker calls Peasant sleeves. I've also added short rows for some shoulder shaping for increased comfort. I also added some length at the bottom back, again by working short rows.

The yarn is the same as for Blueberry, and the same considerations apply to this project. It would have been even better with some tweedy wool, but since this is a garment for heavy wearing and tearing in kindergarten, I figured out the Pt5 was quite suitable.
I'm quite happy with the design. It's masculine, yet still childish enough. I guess the garter stitch contributes to the naive look of it. I enjoyed working on this. Even if working garter stitch in the round is not my favorite, I chose to avoid an under arm seam. Those are boring to do, as well as an easy victim of tear and wear. I made the end of the sleeves quite narrow, in order to compensate for the absence of ribbing. I think it works out this way, it holds itself in place even under the outer clothes.

Orthogonality specs:
Pattern: My own.
Yarn: Pt5 by Per Tryving


Anne Marie said...

Herlig fargekombinasjon!

cathy said...

Hi Tora, I clicked over to your blog from Beate's Cloudberry Knit page. She just made your Annefodder wrist warmers, and they look beautiful.

I just want to say that's a really cute sweater! I especially like the little dip in the center of the neckline. Nice job.

Tora said...

Thank you to both of you! My little son looks very handsome in it (if that is even possible for a 2,5 year old..)!