20 November 2007

Knitting a scarf

Cherry is growing, and I like her. The garter stitch is relaxing, and the rib part comes as a nice change which again is over before it gets boring. I'm using one strand of Sandnesalpakka, which is thicker than one strand of thin alpaca, but again thinner than two strands held together as recommended in the pattern. So I'm working more stitches per row, and making the scarf a bit longer as well.

The other day, though, while peacefully working on my scarf, I was suddenly getting doubts about whether knitting a scarf was such a great idea after all. Is it really such a healthy activity? I found this at Life in Yonder, and although I may be the last knitter in the world to have seen this, I'll still post it. As a warning or just for the fun of it, pick your choice:

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Morsomt! Flott grafikk.
"Nød lærer naken kvinne å strikke" - dette omskrevne ordtaket kunne vel passe her?
Er det sånn å være bitt av strikkemanien kanskje?
He he...
Ha en god helg! Med eller uten strikketøy og rent hus.
Mvh Elisabeth