26 November 2007


Cherry is finished! I liked working on this scarf. It's my second knitted grown up scarf ever - I usually don't have an urge for knitting scarves. They're too long, which usually means too little action for my taste. But it seems I've grown up knitwise lately. I truly enjoy the knitting process, and don't seem to bother if it takes a while to finish. Earlier I always had quite a bunch of UFOs which I never finished. Now working on several project at the same time is no problem, I feel quite confident I'll eventually finish them all. So I'm not a monogamous knitter. Apart from that, I don't like having too many projects going on at the same time either. But two or three is fine.

Wearing a scarf can be a bit of a problem. Not so with this one. When I first spotted it on the Amimono site, I preferred the thight way, but wearing it myself, I think I like it best with the ends hanging loose.
Cherry specs:
Pattern: Cherry by Helga Isager, found in the November issue of Boligliv.
Yarn: Sandnes Alpakka by Sandnesgarn for the garter stitch and left overs of Inca Alpakka by Rauma and Babysilk by Du store alpakka for the ribbing.
Modifications: Due to gauge difference, I casted on a few more stitches to get the indicated width.


Anonymous said...

I like your scarf so much!So beautiful!

Me too...I don`t like having too many project on my needles...but always 4...I must finish! So, I`m also not a monogamous knitter!!

Happy knitting for you, Maartje

Anonymous said...

I love this scarf! I may have to make one for myself!


Anonymous said...

Utrolig kjekt og morsomt skjerf! Ønsker deg og dine godt nytt år :) :)

Joana said...

Your blog is beautiful work. This scarf is different from what I saw. Very nice, congratulations. Joana

Tora said...

Thank you, Joana! I visited your blog, by the way. I don't understand the words, but love your tutorials!