02 November 2007

Cashmere and Love at first stitch

I've read about it in blog land, I've seen the posh scarves and sweaters in the shops I never enter, but until recently, I was happily ignorant of it's softness. My first encounter with the softer-than-baby-skin cashmere has been a scaring one. It has only just left my needles, and I long for it already. You might try to compare it with alpacca, but it's so not the same. Even at a price five times the price of the most expensive alpacca, it's worth it. I bought 75 g of pure luxury at Sofies in Oslo. It's a wonderful little yarn shop owned by a totally enthusiastic yarn lover. She made me promise to wear the cashmere close to my skin, so I made a neck warmer for myself, and a pair of wrist warmers for my aunt's 60th birthday.

Both my projects in my cashmere adventure is inspired by the most lovely scarves made by Anne, a danish knitter whose blog I truly enjoy reading. Her knitting projects are wonderful, and so are her writings about her life. She blogs at Hverken fugl eller fisk, a place worth visiting for those who read danish. The pattern for the wrist warmers is from Anne's scarf "Annefødder" - Bird's feet. It's so delicate, so cute. I adore the litte foot prints on the garter stitch dunes. I will give this pair away, but I think I have to make one for myself as well.

The pattern for the neck warmer (in the lower photo) is "Bundter af blade", an easy to remember, still interresting pattern resulting in a beautiful structured fabric. I will post a photo of the whole neck warmer some day, but it needs to be worn and today is not the day for modelling.


Anne said...

Du får mig til at rødme :-)

Kunne du ikke fortælle mig, hvordan du har lavet halsvarmeren, for jeg har noget uld med mink liggende her, der kunne blive ganske smukt rundt om halsen.

Jeg glæder mig over, at du har fornøjelse af at læse min blog, jeg skal forsøge at leve op til det du skriver her.

Mange hilsner Anne

Tora said...

Hei Anne, jeg skal med glede fortelle om hvordan halsvarmeren ble til, men tillater meg å vente til den er fotografert på forskriftsmessig måte ;-)