14 November 2007


My daughter's kindergarten sweater is finally done. I started out knitting this, but my first attempt was frogged. This time it was good enough. She was so happy to wear it this morning, and kept saying

"New sweater, just for me! Thank you, mommy!"

This hasn't been the most entertaining project ever, but it's finished, it fits. Obviously my daughter is satisfied, and then, so am I. The yarn is OK for this purpose, and much better than the yarn I used for my first attempt, but it's not my favorite. A bit boring, maybe? A bit too smooth and uninteresting?

I improvised the design, inspired as usual by the competent ladies Walker and Zimmermann. I love those books. They have made me capable to make my own patterns, and though I'd like to knit some of these as well some day, right now I enjoy knitting "on my own".

Blueberry specs:
Pattern: My own.
Yarn: Pt5 by Per Tryving

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