21 September 2007

Orthogonal fun

I have frogged my daughter's pullover, because I didn't like how the fabric worked out. I guess the yarn was a little bit too heavy for a little girl's sweater, or maybe my needles were too small. Either way, the knitted fabric was too stiff for my taste. I just wouldn't like to wear it myself the way it was. So I'll knit a new one for my little girl..

In the meantime, I'm working on the kindergarten pullover for my son. He'll obviously need one, too. I found some Pt5 yarn on sale last week. Inspired by the stripes in this piece of beauty, I found just the right colors for my little boy. This yarn yields a soft-soft fabric, I think it will be nice to wear. As before, I'm knitting top-down, or at least not knitting bottom-up. As suggested by the title, this is a multidirectional knitted pullover, totally without any seaming. It's a peasant style - set-in sleeve hybrid, constructed again with Barbara's help. I've finished one arm and half-way down the torso, so FO pictures are to come soon (I hope.. ).

14 September 2007

Chilly mornings

This year I've decided winter won't be that bad. After all it's the main season for wearing my favorite knitted garments! I bought some alpaca on sale the other day, and I'm planning to knit quite a few wrist warmers to wear on those chilly mornings. I started this on the bus home from work today, and have already finished one.