31 August 2007


My lovely niece was born on August 21. She is so tiny, and the bootees were way too big for her..! Sheldon is now hers, I hope they will make good friends.

The turtle was a great project. Great not in terms of time, but in joy. So many clever details, I learned a lot from her.

Pattern: Sheldon the Turtle
Yarn: Mandarin Petit by Sandnesgarn

20 August 2007

Red stripes

A sneak peak of the newest addition to my pile of crafty projects. Someone might say Summer is over now, I ask was it ever around this year? The days are getting somewhat colder, and my little children need warm clothes for enjoying outdoor play in kindergarten. The woollen pants from last year will last another season, but they need new sweaters. I've finished the planning for both of them, with some help from Barbara and Elizabeth.

Since I've fallen in love with the top-down approach, using the proper method when casting on has become an issue. I want the neckline to be as elastic as possible. It needs to embrace the neck so my children won't be cold, and at the same time it would be sad to have a fight over tight necklines every day. And since the head of a child is so big comparing to the tiny neck, this certainly is an issue. My usual long-tail cast on is way too static for this purpose, and in searching for another method, I found the German twisted cast on, also known as the Old Norwegian cast on. It is perfect. Easy to do, looks good, and is quite elastic. Ironically, being Norwegian myself, I learned it from an American site..

01 August 2007

Pink hat for a little girl

The next little gift for my little niece is finished, a hat for the tiny lady to wear in winter. I really like the shape of this hat, thank you Gro, for sharing the pattern! I made I-cord ribbons, because I love the look and feel of them. And I really don't think anything else is soft enough to be close to the baby's skin.. Speaking of soft skin - that's my husband modelling on the picture..

Pattern: Gro's Djevellue/Sweet Baby Cap by Gro
Yarn: Babysilk by Du Store Alpakka
Modifications: I rounded it off a bit more by decreasing between the suggested decreases four times at the very end.