20 May 2007


A k1p1 pattern repeat will hide the purl sts, while a k one row, p one row pattern repeat (eg garter stitch) will hide the knit rows.. Just started thinking about it, and can't really get it - why is it so? What is really the difference between a vertical and a horizontal k1p1 rib pattern? Or even better - why is the difference so huge? Garter stitch reminds no one of a k1p1 rib, still that is kind of what it is..

An unfaithful knitter I am these days. I'm kind of tired of knitting with 2mms, so now I've cast on for Zephyr Style's Rusted Root, using Rowan's Cashsoft DK and those wonderful 4.5 mms!

15 May 2007

Toe-up Monkeys

My very first pair of socks is finished. Knitting the first sock was like a dream, learning about magic loop, magic cast on, turn heel.. The second sock went just fine, still I think I might join this plan for at least a couple of pairs. I will definitely knit more socks right away. The thing is, the other two knitting projects that lie around here are kind of frustrating right now. I'm not sure if I really love the Silke tweed yarn used for the Shifting Sands, so I might frog all of it and go for another yarn for the scarf. Or maybe I'll change my mind and finish it after all.. The vest is on hold for the moment, simply because I can't decide where to go with it. My original plan was lace all up, and maybe that is what it should be too. It's a good winter project, and not going anywhere, so there it is..

Knitting socks is so compatible with Summer. Easy to carry, and perfect for knitting a round here, a round there without loosing track of it. The Monkey socks were fun, and I like the yarn, though I'm not all crazy about the colours. Think I'm more of a somewhat solid kind of person. I've already started another project with a perfect green mix, more about that later.

Reversed monkey

Pattern: Monkey socks by Cookie A.
Yarn: Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock, "Gold Hill"
Modifications: Yes! I knitted the sock toe-up, only because I liked the idea of that approach, using this pattern, thus reversing the Monkey lace.