27 April 2007


I've never really appreciated the fascination for knitting socks. The ribbed ragg socks knitted with quite thick yarn (often grey..) that I usually see around in the real world just haven't appealed to me. Then I discovered the new world of sock knitting. Fingering weight yarn. Lace or another interesting pattern. But most of all - the never ending ways of knitting a sock. I've fallen in love with the toe-up construction, I like trying the sock on while knitting, and not having to calculate how much yarn you need for a long enough cuff.. I've almost finished my very first sock, and I'm looking forward to knitting the other. And more socks. The idea of having enough hand knit socks to actually use hand knits instead of boring black socks..

These are only a few of the socks I'd like to knit..

12 April 2007

Knitting bag

Using ugly LYS plastic bags for my ongoing knitting projects, lying around everywhere in the house, is now history. I've finally made myself a knitting bag! Knitting using this beauty actually makes me glad :-)

And since different hobbies sometimes converge, this post is also published on my sewing blog..

06 April 2007

01 April 2007

Stash reduction and a slow, but oh, so beautiful knit..

I've come to understand that one of the big knitting blogiverse issues is stash reduction. I got a sudden urge to tidy up my stash this evening, and this is the result; a plastic bag with lots of yarn I'll never use. Most of it is as old as my knitting hobby, stolen from my mum's stash when I was a kid, and I think that my future projects deserve better yarn than that. So I've decided to give it away to the kinder garden next door (where my twins will start in August :-)) , I'm sure they can find better use of it. It actually was the woman in my LYS's idea, and a brilliant one, I must admit..

I've also done some knitting the past days, and I've realized that the Shifting Sands scarf is just the slowest knit ever! It's not boring in any way, but advancing if only a decimeter seems to take forever. Even my husband is commenting on it! The result, though, is awarding as anything. I'm so excited about the resulting fabric!