29 March 2007

Shifting Sands scarf

I've cast on for Grumperina's lovely Shifting Sands scarf. It's for my DH, who doesn't really wear woll scarves. Instead, he puts on multiples of thin cotton scarves when the temperature asks for a bit more than a single one.. So, when I showed him Jared's beautiful yellow scarf, he instantly agreed on my idea. As long as it won't be too wide, and it's long enough, he'll wear it. Since he's kind of a warm type, I chose Garnstudio's Silke-tweed for it's 52% silk. The rest is lamb's wool. The knitted fabric is a bit stiff, but at the same time very soft. An inconsistency, yes, but that's still the way I see it..

I really like the texture made from all the small cables, but all the cables on the RSs and the purls on the WSs also definitely have the potencial of turning the whole thing into an UFO..

27 March 2007

Vintage lace vest growing

This is how far I've come with the lace. I enjoy working on it. I just regret not having made the rib longer, cause that would have suited the lace better. Does anyone know how to fix that without frogging the whole thing?

I have still not decided how to end it. I tried it on today, and found out I'll probably add some waist shaping. But straps or short sleeves..? Not quite sure. It's actually the result of the inspiration I got from a picture I saw on a blog. It wasn't an FO or anything, and might not be hand knit at all (but I doubt it..). I think it was the friend of the blogger pictured with the blog owner, and the friend had a a green lace strap top. It was so beautiful, but now I can't find it..

New name

Since most of the blogs I read are written in English, I've decided to write in English only, and I've also changed the name of this blog. Strikkedilledama is now knittingalot. Enjoy the new me!

26 March 2007

Mini Droplet hat revisited

Just wanted to share this little picture with you. It's the Mini droplet hat on the very cute owner. Too bad it's springtime over here these days. They say alpacca can be worn in summer as well, but I don't know. I still think the alpacca fibers are pretty warm. So let's hope for some more chilly days before summer gets here for real (or not!)..

23 March 2007

Vintage lace pattern

I've been working on a new project for a week or so, a sort of vest or something - kind of inventing it as I knit. It's going to be a lace thing, from a lace pattern found in an old knitting book from 1952. I got it from my step grandma who got it when her son was born. It contains mostly clothes for kids, but there are also some adult patterns. Some of the patterns are hilarious (like bathing trunks for boys, or daddy's smoking jacket..), others are quite nice. I'll take som pictures from it one day.
Here's a sample of the lace pattern. I almost gave up on it, because in the book, it's all written out, and reading it as it was, I couldn't see the logic. But when I draw it, it turned out not only logical but also very easy to remember. So now I knit almost without looking at the pattern, and I love it!

I also love the yarn, thin alpacca once again, and the colour! A rusty warm red. Since I haven't figured out how to end the project, it certainly has the potencial of turning into an UFO, but so far it knits up fast, and I enjoy the journey. Despite the lace, it's actually quite compatible with watching TV as well, and that is always an advantage when it comes to finishing the project.

22 March 2007

Shady potholders

I made these a couple of weeks ago, in an attempt to find out about shadow- and domino knitting. I think I prefer the domino version when it comes to looking at the FO, but the technique involved fastening way too many loose ends for my taste. From that perspective, the shadow knitting was much more fun.

Pattern: Inspired by the book "Shadow Knitting" by Vivian Høxbro
Yarn: Muskat from Garnstudio, held double on 4,5 mm needles

12 March 2007

The Hound's-tooth Cap

The Hound's-tooth Cap was so fun to make! It took me a day, and I really enjoyed myself in the process. I like the design, it looks really cool on, and I was equally thrilled when I discovered that it's knit in one piece. A bit of sewing to finish, but it was quite easy to see what it would look like while knitting.

It's a birthday present for a friend of mine, and I think this hat will be perfect for her, so I'm quite excited about it. I hope for an action pic of her, but will have to wait for her birthday..

Pattern: The Hound's-tooth Cap from Vogue Knitting, Winter 2006/07
Yarn: 2 strands of Sandnesalpacca and one strand of Inca Alpacca from Rauma, all tree held together

09 March 2007

Mini Droplet hat

The Mini Droplet hat is off the needles, waiting for it's new five year old pink loving owner. It's the same yarn as for the adult Droplet hat, only knitted with smaller needles.

Pattern: Droplet hat from Knitting Nature by Norah Gaughan
Yarn: Alpacca (cold brown) and Sisu (warm brown) both from SandnesGarn held double
Modifications: Made the hat quite a bit longer

06 March 2007

Droplet hat

Så glad ble Stine da hun fikk ny lue! Og om jeg skal si det selv, så syns jeg hun ble kjempefin!

Først strikket jeg en lue med en strikkefasthet som var helt på viddene. Den ble både for trang og for kort. Men det var egentlig ikke det verste. Norah Gaughan ser ut til å ha en forkjærlighet for å strikke fram og tilbake, for så å sy igjen til slutt. Jeg vet ikke om det er en amerikansk greie, eller om dere andre er utrolig mye flinkere til å sy for hånd enn det jeg er. Min sammensydde lue ble i hvert fall verken pen eller stor nok. Så jeg tok den opp.

Den andre lua strikka jeg rundt og rundt, og på større pinner. Strikkefastheten i bredden ble da bra, men høydemessig lå lua an til å passe for svært flatpannede folk. Hvordan øker man den vertikale strikkefastheten uten å øke den horisontale..? Hvis det finnes et triks for å få til dette, så kan ikke jeg det, så jeg strikket en god del ekstra omganger (kanskje så mye som 10-15).

Jeg liker fargen på lua, den er resultatet av to tråder strikket sammen, den ene i en litt for varm brun, den ene i en litt for kald. Sammen ble det perfekt, i hvert fall kler lua Stine godt! Gratulerer med dagen litt på forskudd!

This hat was a fun knit, and a fast one too. First I knitted one with a gauge that was way off. Due to Gaughan's suspected love for knitting back and forth, it didn't turn out that pretty either. My seams are not pretty enough to justify this approach. And if you can knit in the round and avoid the seam, why wouldn't you? I wonder, is the back-and-forth knitting an American thing or just a Gaughan thing? Another thing is the gauge problem. I've never actually thought about it before, but is there a trick for adjusting the gauge vertically, without adjusting it horizontally at the same time? The thing here was that after changing to larger needles for my second try, my gauge was good horizontally, but not vertically. I solved the problem by adding some rows (actually as many as 10-15).

I like the colour, and especially on Stine, my friend and new hat owner. I think this kind of hat is perfect for her! Now I'll knit one more droplet hat before I get bored of this fun pattern, this time for a pink little five year old girl..



Pattern: Droplet hat from Knitting Nature by Norah Gaughan
Yarn: Alpacca (cold brown) and Sisu (warm brown) both from SandnesGarn held double

Modifications: Made the hat quite a bit longer

04 March 2007

Endelig blokket Finally blocked

Jeg må innrømme at dette sjalet allerede har levd et langt liv rundt halsen min - sånn omtrent fem vintre eller noe.. Men det er ikke før nå jeg har tatt meg bryet med å blokke det. Det har sett ut som et hvilket som helst petroleumfarget skjerf, og det har vært komplett umulig for både tilfeldig forbipasserende og folk som eventuelt har inspisert sjalet nærmere å se at det er et nydelig trekantsjal med et vakkert blondemønster. Endelig kommer yndlingssjalet til sin rett!

Better late than never.. I finally blocked my favourite shawl the other day, after about five winters around my neck. I haven't really appreciated the effect of blocking until now, it's been transformed into a completely different shawl. The beautiful lace is visible at last.

Pattern: A pattern from Husfliden, don't remember the name
Yarn: Alpacca in a lovely shade of teal (I love it!)

01 March 2007

Basalt tank ferdig! Basalt tank moving to FO

Her er den! Basalt tank er ferdig! Nå er det bare å vente på sommeren! Jeg tror jeg liker den, den passer i hvert fall som den skal. Jeg er fornøyd med at jeg forlenget den litt. Lang som jeg er ble den veldig kort, og med tvillinggraviditet bak meg kan magen godt få ha klær på denne sommeren også..

The basalt tank is finished, and I think I like it. As you can see from the pictures, it's not the kind of clothing to wear right now, so I long for summer! I prolonged it in the same way as the neckline is finished, and I'm quite happy with that solution.


Pattern: Basalt tank from Knitting Nature by Norah Gaughan
Yarn: Svale from Dale
Modifications: Added some length by knitting one eyelet row more.