14 September 2011

The Architect

I once saw a house in a photograph, a wooden house which angles made my heart beat faster. I don't know where the house is located, nor can I find the site where I saw it. But if I come across it again, I'll know it's partly mine.

I didn't only see a house, though. I saw possibilities for new angles in a knitted sweater. The result was The Architect, made as a tribute to the unknown architect of a house somewhere out there. A baby cardigan and a hat, constructed somewhat similarly to the Angle cardigan, yet differently. I would guess that those of you who enjoyed knitting Angle, will enjoy this one just as much.

The cardigan is knit in one piece, with grafted shoulder seams. The grafting is written specifically for grafting garter stitch, and it is all described in detail, so there is no need to worry. I love those magic, invisible seams, and I suspect you will too, after trying them. The hat is worked from the bottom up, and the crown is seamed to maintain the lovely angles all the way to the top.

The pattern includes directions for sizes 3 (6, 12, 24) months and can be had both at Ravelry and in my store - and of course as a kit with all the yarn needed for those who'd like that. Enjoy!

The Architect [@ravelry] specs:
Pattern: The Architect (Arkitekten) by Tora Frøseth
Size shown: 3 months
Needles: 3.0 mm and 2.5 mm
Yarn: Hifa Superwash, 150 g of grey (965) and 25 g of olive (945)


Innestemmen said...

Så spennende den så ut! =))
Klem Siv

PeneLene said...

Et fantastisk design!!

Siena said...

Aiai, flott design, og fargevalget var jo kronen på verket. Dette tror jeg jammen at minstemann må få!

skb said...

Nok eit fantastisk rpsjekt frå deg :)

HANNE said...

Tora, du har designet endnu et mesterværk. Hatten af for dine fine detaljer :0)

Christina Skarø said...

Den er så flot.. jeg er vild med den.. jeg smider dig lige på vores linksliste på claroquesi.dk - til inspiration for andre.. jeg ville så gerne strikke denne genser i str. 9 måneder.. den er lækker!
Kærlig hilsen en dansk blogger - Rappedikke.blogspot.dk