05 June 2011

Ramme gård

Another visit to the extraordinary garden at Ramme gård. Yesterday was garden day. We didn't buy any plants, just enjoyed each other's company, the garden and a lovely lunch. Two years since last time, and I still find it such a wonderful place on earth. It has this combination of being both beautiful and vulgar at the same time. Immensely beautiful, yet provocative with it's kitchy decorations, like the King's portal or the forbidden garden. If you can appreciate the sculptures, the place is really one to visit. Full of people (people tend to come in crowds when it's open), yet quiet. Sit down on a bench, savor the garden with every cell. There are not many places - if any - like this in Norway. I guess it takes both a lot of money and a lot of courage to create something like this in the land of Jante.


Innestemmen said...

Det så jo helt nydelig ut =) Ha en riktig fin dag, mvh Siv

Tora said...

Takk! Det er et vidunderlig sted å besøke!