10 April 2011


Every year, spring takes me by surprise. We have had the most wonderful cold winter, with tons of snow, amounts that will take for ever to melt, we've been out skiing every week-end, hoping it will never end. And then suddenly, as if out of nowhere, it's spring, and it feels just fine. The light comes back, the snow disappears as if by magic, and we can sit outside without getting cold. It surprises me every year, how fast this happens.

Yesterday, my children brought me the first spring flowers, we ate out on the terrace, with nothing more on than we would inside, white wine in the glasses, and even a butterfly came visiting. Today, I will sit outside knitting on my husband's cowl for next winter, maybe read a bit, enjoy it for sure. I love this time of year.


Sassas mamma said...

Couldn't agree more! It's amazing how fast it goes.

PeneLene said...

Jeg nyter også hvert øyeblikk av våren! Endringen er fantastisk!